DMXzone QRcode Generator Meets the Social Network

September 20, 2012

QR codes and social networks for more customers

In today's showcase we will show you another great example how you can spread your brand outside the comfort of your desktop page and reach even more customers thanks to the social network and the increasing share of smartphones usage. To achieve that we will get some help from our DMXzone QRcode Generator and the Facebook Fan Page extensions. Within the Facebook page that we made we added two QR codes - one to download the products catalog and the other to tweet a promo code.

The Story

Facebook QRcode Store Demo

For this demo we used our Facebook Fan Page to create a Facebook page. On the top we built a navigation menu with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. Using the free Universal CSS Transforms: Translate extension we animated the text on our page and below we put the two QR codes that we generated with the DMXzone QRcode Generator.




Mentioned Extensions


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