DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows Released and with a Special Price

October 3, 2012

Get our latest extension with a special price

Today we are proud to present the newest member of our DMXzone extension family - the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows. With this outstanding tool you can add different shadow effects to any element on your page for better user experience. You can choose between 5 types of shadows - raised, lifted, curled, curved and perspective. Also you are able to add rotation degree, pick up the sides for the shadows and more. On the product page you can read the features in detail and check out the demos and video tutorial how to use it.

To make this release even more special, we are giving you the chance to purchase the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows with €10/$12 cheaper until next Wednesday!

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • Add shadows to any page element - You can add awesome CSS3 shadows to any page element, including text, table, image and more... 
  • Background Color - You can add any background color to your page element.
  • Set a rotation degree - Choose the rotation angle of your element.
  • Inset Shadow - Add inner shadow to your div.
  • Fully resizable -You can easily set the width and height for the div container.
  • Great Dreamweaver design preview - The edited region is greatly presented in Dreamweaver design view.
  • Full cross browser unobtrusive CSS3 support - The shadows are supported by any modern browser, including IE9 but won't be displayed where not supported.

Interior Design Agency Demo

For this demo page we used our DMXzone Nivo Slider to create a slideshow. With the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows we added different effects on the page: for the header we used curved shadow with bottom direction, for the content area - curved with top and for the three images below we picked curved with left and right side. Finally we added curved shadow with left and right side for the slide show container and set background color.



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