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October 9, 2013

Last week our groundbreaking HTML5 Data Bindings got a major power boost and a few new amazing features. Along with the full support for HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter that allows you to use all king of conditional formatting, expressions, date and time formatting, currency and much more, our developers also made the global objects $URL and $FORM available, directly in the HTML5 Data bindings floating panel. These any many more you'll find below in our features in detail. If you still don't have this greatly useful Dreamweaver tool, make sure to download it because it's free!

The Story

New Features

  • Full Support for the new HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter extension - now you can have all kind of conditional formatting, expressions, date and time formatting, currency and much more!

  • Global objects $URL and $FORM are now available directly in the HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel

  • Use HTML5 Data Bindings without any Data Sources - If you wish you can bind to the Global objects only, like $URL and $FORM and use them as bindings on a page without any data sources!

  • Global $FORM collection is now automatically generated based on all form field that your page contains

  • Fully automated data bindings refreshing - Now dependent data bindings on form fields are automatically detected and refreshed when the form fields change!

  • Option to prevent automatic loading of a Data Source - This is very useful for dependent data sources that needs to be loaded later.

  • Data binding to set initial value of form fields - Now you can set the initial value, or checked and selected value of radios, check boxes and select lists based on a data binding! Just use the new data binding attributes for data.checked, data.selected and data.value on checkboxes, radios or list HTML controls.

  • Allow nesting repeat regions for grouped data - This way you can create nested regions with the group by filter from HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter.




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