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HTML5 Animate CSS 2 Released and on Sale!

You have being waiting for it and here it is! The most advanced Animation solution there is! Animate now any elements with cool animations on page display or even do on scroll reveal animations with HTML5 Animate CSS 2 is officially released. The extension comes with great showcases and video tutorials so make sure to watch these and get the HTML5 Animate CSS 2 today because it's on sale!

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DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter Released and on Sale!

One of the most anticipated extension for this year is ready to make an official appearance. We're proud that our developers' team made it possible a day in advance and today we're happy to announce that DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter is officially released. It comes with over 10 highly-useful video tutorials so make sure to watch these and get the DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter today because it's on sale! 
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DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter Features

It's Monday and as promised, it's time to look inside our upcoming DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter. With almost 100 included formatters, DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter is the must have Dreamweaver extension if you want to format your client side data any way you want. It's greatly integrated with DMXzone App Connect and all formats are available within the app connect panel.So make sure to check out the features, which our developers packed for you and stay tuned because we'll release it tomorrow!

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App Connect Ready for App Connect Data Formatter

As you can guess by the title, our developers are currently working on our upcoming DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter. While they're putting the final touches so we can show it to you, we have prepared two updates for today. DMXzone App Connect and DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal have been improved, so make sure to check out what's new and get their latest versions. 
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Get Started with DMXzone Database Connector

Without a doubt, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET has been our most popular extension for the past few years, since its official release. And it's not surprising because you can not create a dynamic website without connecting to a database and this is exactly what this extension does. So if you're still not using it, make sure to check it out. Also, until Wednesday you can get it with discount because we put it on sale!

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Server Connect Static Events for DMXzone App Connect


It's Wednesday and as usual, it's time for some good news. Our latest release DMXzone App Connect got pumped up with improvements and now you can have Server Connect static events for DMXzone App Connect with the behavior connector picker. Additionally, our developers did some fixes so make sure to get the latest version. In the newest video tutorial we will teach you how to use the static events options, integrated in DMXzone App Connect

Also, our newly improved DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET is on sale until Wednesday, so make sure to get it if you still don't own it.

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More Super Powers for Server Connect

We're starting the week with an awesome update for our DMXzone Server Connect extension. Our developers were working on it for quite some time and now it comes with great speed improvements, better performance on a dark theme and more. So make sure to get its latest version and watch our newest video below. In it we will show you how to create a page, which displays detailed information about a selected record. And also we are going to filter the information on this page, using an URL parameter.

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Data Traversal Released and on Sale

We're excited to announce the next great addition to the DMXzone App Connect framework - DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal. Now, you have access to three awesome components, which will let you display detail info regions on demand, offer powerful data toggles, real time client side filtering, and sorting of data, and more. These great new options are available under the DMXzone App Connect panel, once you install DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal.
Until next Wednesday, you can get DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal on sale with special discount! 
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What's Inside DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal

We're just a day away from the official release of DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal and it's time to show you what our awesome developers packed in it for you. We picked out just a few but among them you'll find that this tool allows you to make your tables easy to search and sort by specific criteria, selects a specific detail record from data source by key and automatically displays the detail info regions, and many more.

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DMXzone App Connect Released and for Free!

We're extremely happy and proud to announce the official release of DMXzone App Connect. Today, we start a new chapter and offer you the most advanced approach to developing data driven websites and apps. DMXzone App Connect is the next generation client side framework and base ground for a handful of additional components. It comes with phenomenal rendering speed of dynamic data and you have visual and direct access to custom components, dynamic attributes and events and smart data form inputs. Make sure to watch all the video tutorials and check out the showcase we did for you! Also, you need to get the latest version of DMXzone Server Connect, which is fully compatible with this new release.
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