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Meet Responsive Mobile Device Template 2

If you missed our latest release you should definitely check it out as we included it in the Easter Sale templates selection, which received an additional discount. The Responsive Mobile Device Template 2 is an excellent choice if you are looking to make simple but well organized page for your clients. Thanks to the fluid grid layout it will fit any mobile device. It's really easy to customize so you can use it on multiple projects. Al we packed the template with the required extensions in the Responsive Mobile Device Kit 2.

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Bootstrap 3 Starter Template Released and for Free

Due to the many requests that we received from you recently, we've decided to pack an amazing Bootstrap 3 Starter Template and make it available for everyone and for free. It is everything you need to get started with the Bootstrap 3 extensions or simply make your work with them easier. The template contains 3 pages, skeleton index, index navbar with fixed top and index navbar with static top. It includes 6 content block plus header and a footer which can be customized and reused. The layout is fully responsive and looks amazing on any desktop browser or mobile device. If you still don't have the Bootstrap 3 extensions you should check the Bootstrap 3 Starter Kit.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3 with discount so hurry up!

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Universal Responsive Design Template & Kit 2

It's been awhile since our last template and today we're happy to announce the new version of our Universal Responsive Design Template & Kit. Designed with multiple fluid grid layout, the template can be used for a website that will look equally great on a desktop, phone or other mobile devices. Its simple visually oriented layout illustrates how website will look like and can be customized pretty easily.

If you're still not familiar with our templates, keep in mind that they require certain DMXzone extensions in order to be installed in Dreamweaver so we packed them nicely, together with the template in a kit. For all subscription owners, the templates are free of charge and to be found under the Explore tab in DMXzone Extension Manager for quick installation.

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