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Multiple Insert and Update Easier Than Ever

Hooray! We are improving our products' features every day in order to become better in assuring your web projects.

With the recently released updates of a couple of extensions - App Connect, Server Connect, Database Connector, Database Updater, Dynamic Form Generator and Forms Designer, you can multiple insert or update database records just by a few clicks!

And one more surprise: get now all of these extensions with 30% off (even more - volume discount could be applied in addition)! App Connect and Server Connect are free and always will remain.

Check out the videos and the showcase below and figure out how to multi insert and update database records.

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30% Discount on Selected Extensions

Let's celebrate summer! We are starting our great summer promotions session, so that we are diving deep with first discounts.

Get now 30% off on selected recently updated extensions:

Keep clam, drink cocktails and get new extensions with 30% discount until 25 July, Tuesdsay!

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Master Your Slideshows with 3D Animations

Wow, it’s not a surprise, 3D is trendy on the web! Getting more and more popularity. And there are a bunch of great libraries giving you the opportunity to include 3D elements in a couple of parts of your website!

Do you remember Flash? That was great for creating stunning slideshows and the only option for more attractive image galleries. But no more! Say hello to the new type of slideshows! There are several most popular 3D slider transitions, like blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold, etc. That will totally improve a simple website’s user experience!

And wait, it is really light for executing as well. That’s because of the CSS-hardware-accelerated transitions. That means that the script is accessing the device’s graphical processing unit for much better performance.

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Stunning! New App Connect Slideshow Features with 3D Transitions Add-on

Get ready, stunning 3D transitions are coming up to rock your website! With our new App Connect Slideshow add-on release you can turn your project to an awesome space with great Holywood look-alike image effects.

Check out the showcase below and, of course, a special release discount is waiting for you!

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3D Transitions are Coming Up

Turn every slideshow into a great piece with special movie effects! App Connect Slideshow 3D Transitions Add-on in coming up to improve your image presentations.

You will find the most popular and trendy 3D transitions available on the web, ready to use without coding skills. Blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold, it's all possible with our newest add-on.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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Add Cool 2D Transitions to Your Slideshow

First App Connect Slideshow add-on release! Do you want to turn your images into even more stunning slideshows? Fully customizable, looking great on any device, really simple to use, 2D transitions are the best match for your greatest web presentations.

Check out the functionalities of App Connect Slideshow 2D Transitions Add-on and get now with a release discount!

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First App Connect Slideshow Add-on is Coming Up

It's time to publish the first add-on for our latest App Connect Slideshow. We have decided to add stunning 2D image transitions to the extenstion.

Lets have a first look: you will receive a bunch of fascinating transitions to improve your presentations. They are fully customizable, looking great on any device and very simple to use.

The release is coming up tomorrow, and some add-ons for App Connect Slideshow are expected soon. So stay tuned!

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Images The World Should Know About

Yes, guys! It is really important to use great looking slideshows in the modern web design. You just have to get together your stunning photos or create amazing presentations, but not only! Awesome presentations will bring a fresh view of your user inteface... More images, better UI! That’s absolutely true!

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Check Out the Best Features of App Connect Slideshow

Don't forget that App Connect Slideshow is fully responsive and running perfectly on any mobile device! It has customizable awesome animations, supporting dynamic data sources.

Coming with a useful built-in tools: high performance image resizer and thumbnail generator integrated. Of course, awesome animated captions, great looking navigation controls and bullets paging available.

Explore now this stunning features of our newest extension with the Luxury Villas Showcase. Feel the UX!

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Take your Images to the Next Level with App Connect Slideshow

Great new release! After publishing App Connect Medium Editor, we continue our efforts to create extensions to improve UX of your website.

Do you want to focus on the user interface of your website by mind-blowing slideshows? Get together your stunning photos or just create amazing presentations with App Connect Slideshow! This slideshow gallery has no jQuery dependence, it is written in pure JavaScript, CSS-based and uses HTML5 W3C standard elements for the highest animation quality.

Don't forget to get our newest App Connect Slideshow with discount during our limited-time offer!

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