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App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation Highlights

We continue releasing high-quality Bootstrap 4 extensions for Dreamweaver! The next one will be App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation - it allows you to add great navigation on every project!

You got power to fully manage the navigation properties, set the visibility of each navigation item by yourself - depending on the devices. Easy styling, customization, show/hide elements, or even add forms!

Coming up soon!

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Wappler & DMXzone Will Join STEP Conference 2018 in Dubai

Really excited to share with you our next public appearance!

Our team was invited to exhibit on STEP Conference 2018 in Dubai! We will have a Wappler-branded booth in Dubai Internet City on 28 and 29 March, so it's the best time to meet us in person. That conference is the biggest gathering of tech, entrepreneurship, digital and fintech gurus in the Middle East!

We will be happy to show you how the things in Wappler are going on! If any questions regarding our presence on STEP 2018 or just want to grab a coffee with our team in Dubai, please email boris@dmxzone.com or message our Facebook page. 

Details are coming up!

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197% Success! Wappler Crowdfunding Completed

We're very excited these days! Wappler's crowdfunding campaign has ended with 197% success - we've received twice more funding than the main goal.

Thank you! We will never disappoint you! That support motivates us to show you what a wonderful product Wappler is - all you need for building dynamic-driven websites or mobile applications from top to bottom!

You can still join Wappler

Because of that great success and so intensive interest, our team decided to continue selling Wappler through IndieGoGo!

That's your final chance to join the crowd, so don't miss out!

In the next month our campaign page will be available for InDemand purchases - it means you have an extra month after the end of the official crowdfunding campaign to get the same perks as the backers so far.

Go to the IndieGoGo Campaign

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Great New Release: App Connect Bootstrap 4

One of the much-awaited extensions is finally here: App Connect Bootstrap 4! The world's most popular CSS framework is great and it's the trendiest version - better than ever!

What's inside? A powerful mobile-first flexbox grid that appropriately scales up to 12 columns to build layouts of all shapes and sizes, as well as dozens of predefined classes which are awesome ready-to-use elements!

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4

App Connect Bootstrap 4 release is just the beginning - we're about to publish a few extensions more with different Bootstrap options included.

Get 13% OFF the hottest Bootstrap extension ever only until next Tuesday, 20 March! Any time you decide to upgrade from DMX Bootstrap 3 you will save 13% too.

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App Connect Bootstrap 4 in Highlights

An awesome release is coming up tomorrow: App Connect Bootstrap 4! It's the most advanced version of the world's most popular framework for building layouts.

Check out the main features of the basic App Connect Bootstrap 4 extension below.

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Have a Look: All-New App Connect Bootstrap 4 UI

Bootstrap is a toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS - you can quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app using the responsive mobile-first grid system! Version 4 of that world-known CSS framework is the best released so far - really powerful, modern, trendy and useful!

Our team starts releasing a series of Bootstrap 4 extensions this week. So excited - be among the first users to implement Bootstrap 4 in their websites. Big surprise: Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 convertion will be included in the extension.

Enjoy the great user interface of App Connect Bootstrap 4. Read the article and see an exclusive preview!

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Breaking News: Bootstrap 4 is Coming Up

Hey! What's better than Bootstrap 3? Bootstrap 4, of course!

It's time to announce our next major DMXzone activity! We are developing DMXzone Bootstrap 4 extensions - you know, it's the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework in the world for building responsive and mobile-first projects!

That's the newest, trendiest and most precise Bootstrap version ever - it was officially rolled out just a month ago. You will enjoy building great projects using that technology!

More details and some highlights are coming up very soon. You can expect the starting release of DMXzone Bootstrap 4 extensions in the next weeks!

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Lightbox is Better Now... And It's On Sale

More updates are coming on DMXzone's board! We improved App Connect Lightbox – that little script, a new wave of lightbox gallery extension which is really important part of every interactive website!

Now it works better with dynamic generated galleries! Just select a source and all the images will appear as Lightbox elements. Simple as that!

Go to App Connect Lightbox

Not sure how it's working? Check out Lightbox Real Estate Showcase below to see the extension in action.

Get now 20% OFF App Connect Lightbox – that's your chance to add it to your projects on a special price.

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Wappler Raised 150% Crowdfunding in 13 Days

Our team is happy to announce that our campaign raised 150% of the main IndieGoGo crowdfunding goal just in 13 days! That's an awesome result and it's only because of our backers!

We are very motivated to continue our efforts in developing the best visual web app builder you've ever imagined!

Get your perk now! It's the best time to get Wappler because the prices will increase after the campaign. So you get fame as one of Wappler's early supporters - we'll put your name in a special list.

Don't miss your chance to get up to 60% OFF Wappler and early access too.

Go to the IndieGoGo Campaign

We started a referral campaign, so learn how to WIN a free Wappler license in the article below.

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107% Success! Let's Make it 1000

Wappler is the star today - it raised 107% of the main goal in the first round of funding! Thank you, backers! And - keep in mind - that comes just in 4 days from the start of the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

You can still get your perk in the next 28 days. Wappler is a revolution and the hype proves that!

Go to the IndieGoGo Campaign

Join the revolution - become part of the beginning, the most important part! Wappler is coming.

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