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New Release! Powerful Data Visualization with App Connect Charts

It’s time to release the long-awaited App Connect Charts – a brand new and powerful way to visualize data using awesome charts! You can choose from line, bar, radar, pie, polar area, horizontal bar, doughnut or area graphics and win users’ attention to the old-fashioned raw data!

Every data dashboard, a simple illustrated article or just an interactive application could now turn into really beautiful projects with awesome UX/UI performance! Read more on App Connect Charts' product page.

Check the showcases and usage videos below!

Of course, 11% release discount is applied and you can get the extension on that special price until Monday, October 30th.

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App Connect Charts Preview Available

We are about to release App Connect Charts, that great data visualization tool. Now you can try the great functions of the extension in our exclusive preview!

Remember, App Connect Charts can use every dynamic data source and bring great visual value to every raw data! Find the showcase here, check out the different types of charts and the applied customization options.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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Trendiest Data Visualization Extension is Coming Up

Do you want to present your data in an awesome trendy way? App Connect Charts is the solution!

That lightweight script can use every dynamic data source and bring great visual value to every raw data... doesn't matter desktop or mobile!

With 10 types of charts included and awesome HTML5 animations rendering, App Connect Charts will become bestie of every data dashboard, a simple illustrated article or interactive application.

Stay tuned, releasing on Wednesday!

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DMXzone Extensions are Compatible with Dreamweaver CC 2018

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 is now released! We are happy to inform you that our extensions are fully compatible with that version.

After installing, you should run the program at least once, then restart DMXzone Extension Manager and Dreamweaver CC 2018 will appear in the header. Choose it and install all the extensions you need!

Remember, Dreamweaver CC 2018 is a brand new version and you have to reinstall the extensions before using them in the new environment.

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Put Website Security on Focus

We are focusing on the cybersecurity, that well-known issue!

Protecting your website and stopping spambots from submitting forms is really important for every project - mainly because of the risk of abuse, which is getting more and more concentrated nowadays.

Learn more: how protect contact forms or registration forms, both client- and server-side. Make sure that you have fully secured your project by protecting every server action with server-side validation.

You can even validate any character set using Unicode Validator Add-on.

Read more about form validation on our Medium blog

Get at least 19% discount on App Connect From Validator, App Connect reCAPTCHA and App Connect From Validator Unicode Add-on until next Wednesday! Protect your websites!

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Give Power to JSON, Use It as a Data Source

New release!

Nowadays, JSON is getting more and more popular in the web development. That's why we have decided to join the trend with JSON Data Source. The extension will help you to feed every project with data from a single .json file instead of database. Of course, you can use both!

It's possible to use every local JSON and improve your project with nice services like weather forecasts, currency exchange and similar.

Check the showcase below and see our newest extension in action!

Of course, more than 20% release discount until Wednesday!

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Grow Your Business: Customers Dashboard

It's always a good idea to keep and eye on your customers or partners. That will make your business stronger, fast growing and clear! We can give you a suggestion: try to list all of your customers' details in a database, making it accessible on any device - desktop, mobile or tablet. All of your customers in a simple system with filtering and search box!

You need a couple of DMXzone products and the most important is App Connect Data Traversal - it will optimize page your performance! Because of the extension's technology, blazing fast filtering and paging will be available on your page.

Well-known App Connect State Management and DMXzone Database Connector are also in the game, as well as App Connect and Server Connect. That's all!

Check the showcase below and figure out how to do it by yourself!

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Closed Beta Version of Wappler is Released

We are happy to announce that the beta version of Wappler, our own finely developed standalone visual web app creator, is now released!

That is Wappler's first big milestone! Our algorithm-selected group of testers will give us first user feedback about the application's functions.

The testing period has a duration of 10 days. Immediately after that, our team is planning to release a public beta version.

Please check your e-mail or SPAM folder to figure out if you're among the invited users.

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Speed Up your Website with App Connect State Management

Mighty fast data-driven websites? We have updated Cookie Manager component of App Connect State Management, so you can get even better experience!

The usage videos will show you how to work with sessions cookies and manage data using caching with local storage.

In the showcase below you can see how App Connect State Manager is caching the data for 1 hour in the browser's local storage.

That's how you can improve page performance by speeding up data loading speed, because the data is not reloaded from the server every time you change the current page.

And... more than 30% update release discount until next Tuesday!

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Start a Blog with Security Provider and Medium Editor

Great new suggestion for your next web project! Learn how to create your own blogging system, without using any of the well-known content management platforms. Just by a couple of DMXzone extensions: Security Provider and App Connect Medium Editor.

The showcase below will demonstrate you that easy to do and powerful custom made system in action. Check the videos to figure out how to do that!

Remember, you can get the updated DMXzone Security Provider with 20% discount until tomorrow, so hurry up!

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