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Wappler & DMXzone Will Join TNW Conference 2018

After Web Summit 2017 and STEP 2018, we're making it again!

Our team was invited to exhibit on The Next Web (TNW) Conference in Amsterdam! It's very important event for our team because we will release Wappler live on our booth. We're planning it for 24th May (Thursday), so it's the best time to meet us in person!

That conference is one of the biggest gathering of tech, entrepreneurship and digital in Europe.

If any questions regarding our presence on TNW Conference 2018 or just want to grab a coffee with our team in Amsterdam, please email boris@dmxzone.com or message our Facebook page.  

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Wappler: Final Countdown to the Release

Wappler is almost here! We’re making it official: our product becomes available for everyone, after almost a year of development. That’s why it’s finely developed by our so experienced in web technologies team! We discussed hundreds of ideas, selected the most meaningful and turn them into Wappler like a magician! Leading principles were innovation, simplicity and easiness - all of them combined in one powerful application.

All the powerful DMXzone Dreamweaver extensions will be fully available in Wappler. But with Wappler we're breaking the limits set by Adobe. It's all up to our team! And we're building the most powerful web app builder in the world - read more here.

Wappler will be officially released on 24th May 2018 during TNW Conference in Amsterdam! Our team was invited to participate in the event.

Our great market test was the crowdfunding campaign: we raised almost 3x of initial goal! Thank you so much, that motivated us. As we told you, Wappler isn’t a web builder, it’s The Web Builder.

Stay tuned - don't forget to check wappler.io!

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Stylish Dialog Boxes and Pop-Ups with Bootstrap 4 Modals

Modals are initial part of Bootstrap 4 framework and they're the easiest way to tell your users something important, let them like your Facebook page, subscribe for updates... any content you need! You can even put Google Maps or Medium Editor inside!

That's our next App Connect Bootstrap 4 extension release and it's very important because we've implemented new features like reacting on dynamic events, e. g. close the modal when a form is submitted, and more.

Thanks to Bootstrap, modals are fully compatible with any device. And you got the controls in your hands change colors, size, fade, align, auto show, backdrop, etc.

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Modals

Save 20% until next Tuesday, 8th May.

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Next Bootstrap 4 Release: Modals

Modals are awesome - they're built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and part of the Bootstrap 4 framework. They’re positioned over everything else in the document and remove scroll from the page!

Yes, they're new generation of dialog boxes and popup windows, completely user-focused.

Coming up tomorrow!

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Major Updates of Bootstrap 4 Extensions Released

We're constantly improving our extensions! Today we released 3 major updates of App Connect Bootstrap 4, App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation and App Connect Bootswatch.

The main Bootstrap 4 extension is now supplied with the latest version 4.1.0 of the framework, as well as some new text colors are included, reorganized flex properties, new flex item fill, and many more!

We added a lot of flex item properties to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation and latest Bootstrap 4.1.0 themes are now included in App Connect Bootswatch!

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Collection

Don't miss to get all of the released Bootstrap 4 extensions. More are coming up soon!

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App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms Released!

Another great Bootstrap 4 release on DMXzone! App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms includes many awesome form components, as well as ready-to-go form templates for the most common user cases. Easy, powerful and much customizable!

That's the key to create great customized BS4 forms for your website directly from the user interface in Dreamweaver! You can even set dynamic values to your form inputs, so bring them to life!

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms

Don't miss to get the extension discounted until next Tuesday - April, 17th! Find the full App Connect Bootstrap 4 collection here - it contains all the released Bootstrap 4 extensions until now.

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Next: App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms

Coming up next: App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms! It includes dozens of form components - buttons, dropdowns, input groups, checkboxes, radios, alerts, and much more.

The extension will help you to create awesome forms for your website and it's easy customizable thanks to the great Dreamweaver integration. You can even set dynamic values to your form inputs!

All the forms are mobile-first and use the latest Bootstrap 4 framework! As you know, we already released App Connect Bootstrap 4, as well as Cards, Bootswatch and Navigation.

Releasing tomorrow, stay tuned!

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New Release: Bootstrap 4 Cards

The Next Episode (not by Dr. Dre - but by DMXzone): App Connect Bootstrap 4 Cards! It's here to replace the old Bootstrap 3 panels, wells and thumbnails. In a great, improved way - so easy to customize!

It allows you to add awesome content containers including titles, paragraphs, images, image overlays, lists, backgrounds, borders and even organize them in groups or decks.

Hurry up - check out all the functions, showcase and video too. Bootstrap 4 Cards is something really useful!

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Cards

Of course - discounted until next Tuesday - April, 10th! Don't miss out, fill your Bootstrap 4 collection now!

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Wappler and DMXzone at STEP 2018 Conference in Dubai

Hey friends!

As you already know, Wappler and DMXzone's team was invited to exhibit at STEP Conference 2018 in Dubai!

We got our Wappler-branded booth in Dubai Internet City on 28 March during the biggest gathering of tech, entrepreneurship, digital and fintech gurus in the Middle East!

Read more below...

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Next Bootstrap 4 Release: Cards

Another great release is coming up!

Bootstrap 4 Cards replace our old Bootstrap 3 panels, wells and thumbnails... and it's so easy and to customize!

Include titles, paragraphs, images, image overlays, lists, backgrounds, borders. Organize in groups or decks. You can even add a navigation to Bootstrap 4 card element! Awesome, isn't it?

Of course, releasing tomorrow!

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