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HTML5 Animate CSS2 Turned Into App Connect Animate CSS

More extension updates! The well-known HTML5 Animate CSS2 was renamed to App Connect Animate CSS. With that update we have added new animation - Jack in The Box to In and Out animations, as well as done many small fine tunings.

You can see it in action in the Animated Photography Portfolio Showcase - there are applied animations to the portfolio images on scroll. Use the extension to animate any elements with stunning animations on page display or even apply on-scroll revealed animation!

Go to App Connect Animate CSS

Update the product from the Extension Manager or get now 20% discount on purchasing the updated App Connect Animate CSS!

The update is free for all existing HTML5 Animate CSS 2 users and customers with active subscriptions.

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Scroll for Details Button on Your Website

It's easy do create trendy websites! Use App Connect Smooth Scroll to add a simple Scroll for Details button in the page header. When clicked, it scrolls smoothly to the Details section.

You can use App Connect Smooth Scroll in combination with HTML5 Animate CSS 2 (stay tuned for news tomorrow...), applied to the images - so they will fade-in nicely during the smooth scrolling.

Check out the showcase here.

Today is your last chance to get 20% release discount on App Connect Smooth Scroll, our first 2018 extension!

Go to App Connect Smooth Scroll

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Scroll to Any Page Element... Smoothly

Our first extension release for the new year is already here! And it's focused on the user experience.

App Connect Smooth Scroll lets users scroll up or down to any page element, e.g. links or other HTML element, in a great smooth way! It includes 13 scrolling combinations - 4 easing options and 4 animations.

Really easy to use and powerful extension, running perfectly on any device! Hurry up and download App Connect Smooth Scroll - it's the best solution for every website - landing pages, one-page templates, e-shops...

Release discount is available - 20% until Tuesday! Don't forget to check out the showcase and videos below.

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Better Page Scrolling: App Connect Smooth Scroll Highlights

Look at that: what a cool smooth page scroll!

App Connect Smooth Scroll is our first 2018 extension release and it will improve the user experience of every project.

That lightweight script is using only pure JS to let users scroll up or down to every element in the page smoothly. And even more - if you're using a sticky menu, it will be really fixed and not covering the content when it lets you scroll down to a section on the same page.

13 scrolling preferences: combine from 4 easing options and 4 animations - linear, ease-in, ease-in-out, ease-out and select your quad, cubic, quart or quint animation!

Below are the main features of the extension in a nutshell.

Stay tuned - releasing tomorrow!

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Long Story Short: What We Did In 2017

It's been a great year! During the last 12 months our team worked really hard, sometimes 12 hours a day, delivering our customers best experience! What we did: 25 brand new extension releases, 39 major updates on extensions, so there now are 166 extensions listed on DMXzone!

Most of our brand-new extensions have been created exclusively for our most powerful front-end extension – App Connect, which is changing all the behaviors – Spry, HTML5 Data Bindings and other front-end frameworks, to Vue.js, Angular-level framework support, but fully visually integrated in Adobe Dreamweaver.

A hint for the community: only the extensions, released in 2017, are worth 1300 EUR. Get your full yearly subscriptions in the next 48 hours for only 412 EUR and get access to 166 listed extensions, total worth more than 7000 EUR!

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Hundreds of showcases, usage videos and articles were published, imagine how many support requests were solved and closed! 2017 was our 17th year on the market, it's time for big things here – stay tuned for the news in the next year.

Check out our new 2017 releases below. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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12 DMXzone Extension Updates Released

A lot of updates today, so we can call it Update Wednesday (like Patch Tuesday, you know)! We have improved some functionalities and fixed bugs, releasing the following extensions' versions:
  • App Connect Form Validator 1.0.3
  • Server Connect 1.6.3
  • DMXzone Image Processor 1.1.4
  • DMXzone Database Connector PHP 1.9.4
  • DMXzone Database Connector ASP 1.9.4
  • DMXzone Database Connector ASP.NET 1.9.4
  • DMXzone Database Updater PHP 1.9.2
  • DMXzone Database Updater ASP 1.9.2
  • DMXzone Database Updater ASP.NET 1.9.2
  • DMXzone Security Provider PHP 1.9.2
  • DMXzone Security Provider ASP 1.9.2
  • DMXzone Security Provider ASP.NET 1.9.2

Please update directly from DMXzone Extension Manager.

You can still (12 hours more) get at least 30% discount on the updated extensions using our special promo code! All you have to do is to enter CHRISTMAS17 in the Shopping Cart! The multiple purchase discount also applies.

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Wine Tour in Italy with Google Maps Directions Add-on

See DMXzone's newest release in action in our latest showcase! We used App Connect Google Maps and App Connect Google Directions Add-on to display the itinerary for a wine tour in Italy.

The map style is set to Classic and the directions list is turned off. That's an awesome example of possible Google Maps Directions Add-on usage! It allows you to navigate people to any address on the map.

Remember, you can still get more than 25% discount on the add-on. So hurry up!

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New Release! Get the Best Route to Every Location with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on

Hey, new release is on board!

Your users will always be in the right direction with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on! It allows you to navigate people to every location on the map - offices, stores, streets, places, squares or just any other address!

That add-on will display you alternative routes with full directions' steps list and let you choose the best one.

In the Dreamweaver UI you will find great options panel with many options, including waypoints or date pickers for departure/arrival time.

Check out the usage videos and the showcase below! For the live demo we used the transit mode, so we can show the transport to get you from the airport to a conference venue in Amsterdam.

Get now -25% release discount on the extension :)

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Add Directions to Every Location

New release is coming up on DMXzone!

You can add directions to every page with App Connect Google Maps Directions Add-on! Feel the best Google Maps experience, get the route suggestions, choosing from different types of moving - by car, walking, cycling, even flights!

Use every dynamic data source to feed most of the main parameters with real-time data.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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Three New Features in App Connect Google Maps

Our team is ready with first App Connect Google Maps update! We have added two new actions and one new dynamic event.

With the new cool features you can make the map to fit its markers, start or stop bouncing of a marker, as well as execute actions when your map is ready or bounds, or when map type or zoom changes.

Just update your extension!

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