Metro UI Theme Pack Released with a Special Price

It's pretty unusual for us to release a brand new Dreamweaver extension on Thursday but we were so impatient that we needed to share the good news. If you own one of these extensions -DMXzone Accordion, DMXzone Calendar 2, DMXzone Colorpicker, DMXzone Slider, DMXzone Tabs and DMXzone Timepicker then you're on the right place. The DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack is what will boost these tools and will allow you to create an interface similar to Windows 8 Metro UI. See the details below and note that the pack works only with these 6 extensions.

Metro UI Design Kit and Template

Along with the release of DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack we also packed a new Metro UI Design Template & Kit that features 8 great Dreamweaver extensions and an awesome design template. It's extremely easy to customize the template from the extensions UIs so it will fit your need perfectly. Check out the showcase that we created with this template and explore how stunning it looks!

Get All DMXzone Extensions and Templates with Our Monthly Subscription

With over 100 high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates, we now offer a quick access to all of them for just a small monthly fee. Additionally, we're working on many new ones and subscription holders automatically get access to new products and updates upon release. Check out the details below and if you want to save even bigger, see also our yearly and 2 years subscriptions!

Subscribe now with your PayPal account to our All Extensions Access Monthly Subscription for only €49/month and use the power of all DMXzone extensions and templates!

Design Ideas with 3D Flipping Gallery, Calendar and Timepicker

Designing a service page can be easy if you have the right tools. In today's showcase we created a flower service landing page that give the products the best possible presentation and also the delivery service is greatly executed for quick purchase. In order to do that we used the recently updated DMXzone Calendar 2 and DMXzone Timepicker and also the fantastic HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery.

DMXzone Accordion and Timepicker Join Improved Powers

Our next couple of greatly useful Dreamweaver extensions that got updated today is the DMXzone Accordion and the Timepicker. Both come with updated jQuery UI to 1.10.1 for more speed, power and greater user experience, jQuery to 1.8.3, and improved jQuery UI themes. We also added a fantastic new option to the DMXzone Accordion as a result of the many user requests. With the collapsed option, the it will stay closed until its clicked!

Check out the showcase below to see how we combined those two amazing tools with our recently improved DMXzone Calendar 2

DMXzone Calendar 2 Comes with Newest jQuery UI

This week we will focus on the recent release of jQuery UI 1.10.1, which will be updated in several DMXzone extensions, starting today with the DMXzone Calendar 2. Now it supports jQuery up to 1.8.3 that includes the unbelievable 13 versions next to its amazing Dreamweaver integration, dynamic data and conditional dates support, for more speed, power and greater user experience. There's also a showcase to inspire you in your project, featuring the DMXzone Calendar 2 and three more Dreamweaver tools for the perfect landing page!

What You Missed This Week

If you were too busy following us during the week on a daily basis, here's our summary of DMXzone content. Along with the release of the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler free extension, we updated the HTML5 Image Enhancer and the DMXzone Updater. Also added a new Design Kit and Template, and designed a few awesomely looking showcases. Check out the full list below and keep in mind that the Portfolio Design Template is on sale for only €19/$26 until Wednesday!

3D Flipping Gallery within a Parallax Slider

Just before the weekend our designers will show you how awesome it looks the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery within a HTML5 Parallax Slider. This way you can combine the 3D depth illusion, created by the Parallax Slider and the polaroid-like images from the 3D Flipping Gallery. In order to save space and publish more content we also added accordion-like fields with the DMXzone Accordion. Next week, in a video tutorial, we will teach you how to do that in your Dreamweaver so stay tuned!

DMXzone Updater Comes Faster and Improved

DMXzone Updater is the ultimate free Dreamweaver extension, developed especially for our users needs, that automatically notifies when there's an extension update or a brand new release. In the latest version, we improved the dialog speed and usability, added listing of the new free DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler and more. If you still don't have it install in your Dreamweaver, now is the time as it will save you precious time, downloading and updating your tools from the DMXzone website.

DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler Released and for Free

CSS is a great language, but like all things it has some flaws. Writing hundreds of times the same code over and over again, can be frustrating. All this is in the past, thanks to our new extension - the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler. LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language that extends CSS with dynamic behaviors such as variables, mixins, operations and functions. You can use it directly in your Dreamweaver, helping you to reduce the time of writing and maintaining your code.

You can go on and download the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler for FREE!

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