Last Chance to Get our Bootstrap 3 Extensions Cheaper
If you still miss any of our discounted Bootstrap 3 extensions, you have time until tomorrow to get  DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation, Components and Forms Designer cheaper. Also, these amazing tools, which you can use to create stunning pages, are available within two fantastic packs - DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection and its enlarged version - Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection. Along with all Bootstrap 3 extensions, the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection features also HTML5 Animate CSS and HTML5 Form Validator.
Experience the Power of Bootstrap 3

Once you master the basics, such as creating a page layout, adding navigation and content, you can take a step further and focus on the design, which is the key for a successful website. Below you'll find an amazing collection of showcases which can give you an idea how to use your Bootstrap 3 extensions the best possible way and create even more stunning design experience for your users.

Until Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation, Components and Forms Designer with discount so hurry up!

What You Missed This Week

It's been a great week with out Bootstrap 3 extensions. If you couldn't follow us for the last five days, in this article you can see a content summary of what we did. Don't forget to check out the new video tutorials and also the improved Bootstrap 3 extensions, which are ready for the Dreamweaver dark theme. And also we put them on sale so if you need any of it, now is the time.

New to Bootstrap 3? Get Started Now

There's not a single chance that you've never heard of the Bootstrap framework, but how well do you know our tools? We have a complete collection of Bootstrap 3 extensions for Dreamweaver, which were recently improved and are even ready for the dark themed Dreamweaver. It's never late to start using them if you wish to design up to date, fully responsive and user-friendly websites. Below you'll find some useful video tutorials to guide you in the beginning and teach you how to design a website layout, add navigation, some great content and even build a form so make sure to watch them.

The Most Famous Extension Pack Gets Updated

Through the years Bootstrap proved to be one of the most, if not the most, used framework for designing powerful and responsive websites. It offers vast speed of development, fully customizable components and is the easiest framework to start with. Now, our package of Bootstrap 3 extensions is ready to join the dark side of Dreamweaver with the added support for the upcoming Dreamweaver dark theme and the latest Bootstrap 3.3.7.

Until next Wednesday, Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation, Components and Forms Designer are on sale with great discount! 

Last Chance to Format and Secure Your Server Data

Last week we released two amazing new extensions. DMXzone Server Data Formatter allows you to format your server data any way you want, and the Crypto add-on secures it. They are greatly integrated in DMXzone Server Connect so all options are available within a mouse click and without needing to write a single line of code. Both extensions are currently on sale with discount but not for much longer. The offer expires tomorrow so be quick if you still don't have these Dreamweaver tools.

More Mail Sending Components for DMXzone Mailer
We're starting the week with one simple, but yet so useful improvement in DMXzone Mailer. In its latest version it's now possible to select "server default" as mail server configuration, which will allow using the default mail server setup. Make sure to get this new version and experience its new powers. In addition, we have small improvements for HTML5 File Upload, DMXzone Image Processor and DMXzone Server Connect so update these extensions too. 
What You Missed This Week

Two awesome extensions have been released this week - DMXzone Server Data Formatter and DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on. They're accompanied by some very useful tutorials you might want to watch and in the reference you'll find detailed overview of all features included in both tools. Until next Wednesday you can get them with discount so hurry up if you still don't have them.

Meet Server Data Formatter and Crypto
It's Wednesday and you know what's happening today. Our developers are ready with DMXzone Server Data Formatter and the DMXzone Server Data Crypto Add-on, and we're proud to announce that they're already available for purchase or download if you have a subscription. Kepp in mind that this is a server data formatter  and does exactly that via the DMXzone Server Connect. If you need client side data formatter, please get HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter.
Until next Wednesday you can get both extensions with discount because we put them on sale! 
Server Data Formatter and Crypto Add-on in Action

Just a day before the official releases of DMXzone Server Data Formatter and it's Crypto Add-on, we have two amazing video tutorials, which will let you experience the power of these two extensions. In the first one you can see how easy it is to use text formatters and how to apply the default value formatter. In the second one, you can see how to ecrypt passwords in your database. So make sure to check out both videos before we make the extensions public tomorrow.

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