Adobe Tech Live: Fluid Grid Layout & Bootstrap Extension

Later today, Alejandro Gutierrez, product manager for Adobe Dreamweaver, will hold a technical event on how to build responsive web layouts using Dreamweaver's Fluid Grid Layout and DMXzone Bootstrap extension. The Adobe Tech Live presentation starts 10:00 a.m PDT/6:00p.m CET, where DMXzone and Dreamweaver product experts will answer any question regarding the responsive layout and how to use this awesome DMXzone tool! Start times for other time zones are here.

If you still don't have the DMXzone Bootstrap extension you can simply download it, because it's free!

Give Your Users Awesome Shopping Experience

This week's highlight among the other improved DMXzone extensions is the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart, which delivers full shopping experience and sell easily any kind of products on your website. You can integrate the shopping cart on a static as well as dynamic site, and customize its appearance with ease, thanks to the great user interface and Dreamweaver integration.

If you still don't have this amazing Dreamweaver tool, get it now because it's with 50% off until next Wednesday!

Organize Your Content in Beautiful Tabs

You want to organize your content in the best possible way? You can do that with the improved DMXzone Tabs 1.1.2, the extension that gives you the opportunity to divide and style your content into as many sections as needed directly and visually in Dreamweaver! In this version we added the latest jQuery 1.10.1 and full Dreamweaver CC support, along other improvements.

Until next week you can get the DMXzone Tabs with 50% discount as part of the Summer Sale!

HTML5 Data Bindings Comes with More Powers

After a deserved vacation, DMXzone developers are back and are currently working on the DMXzone Database Connector that will allow you, together with the HTML5 Data Bindings, to connect to any database and generate feed out of the data you wish to get. The official release is set for next month but before that we have an updated version of the HTML5 Data Bindings that features improved rendering of the normal repeat regions, added icon for collapsed view of the HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel and more.

If you still don't have this useful tool, check out our latest showcase with it below and get it now because it's free!

How to Download and Install DMXzone Extensions

For the past few weeks, we've been receiving tons of emails from people getting the following error message while installing DMXzone extensions in Dreamweaver CS+: "The extension can not be installed, it requires Dreamweaver version 12 or greater". The reason why Adobe Extension Manager fails to install the extension is because Dreamweaver CS+ requires MXP file and not ZXP, which is for Dreamweaver CC only. More useful information on the subject you'll find below.

Update: A button for downloading MXP files is already available in your DMXzone account.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the last five days, here's our weekly content summary that will help you catch up on everything that's been released on DMXzone. This week we improved several DMXzone extensions that include Ajax Datagrid, Pure PHP/ASP Upload 3 and other useful Dreamweaver tools that are also included in the continuing Summer Sale with 50% discount.

Creating a Sliding Video Player

In this step by step video tutorial we will show you how to create a touch controlled video slider using Sliding Panels and HTML5 Video Player. Both extension have been updated during the week with improved Dreamweaver CC and Windows 8 compatibility and also got the latest jQuery 1.10.1, along with other improvements. Check out the video tutorial and get these useful Dreamweaver extensions because they've been also included in our Summer Sale with 50% discount!

Pure PHP/ASP Upload AddOn Packs Improved and on Sale

Just before we kick off for the weekend we have 2 more improved tools - Pure PHP Upload AddOn Pack and Pure ASP Upload AddOn Pack. These Dreamweaver extensions are great bundles of high quality server behaviors to use with Pure PHP Upload 3 and Pure ASP Upload 3. You can choose between delete file(s) before record/update, rename uploaded files and mail uploaded files.

Until next Friday you can get the Pure PHP Upload AddOn Pack and Pure ASP Upload AddOn Pack with 50% discount so hurry up!

Present Your Videos in Style with HTML5 Video Player

As we're getting closer to the weekend we have two more updated Dreamweaver extensions coming today and tomorrow. Our Thursday's choice fell on HTML5 Video Player tool that is packed with four amazing skins, full-screen option, built-in support for encoding and YouTube.

Check out our Movies Subscription Service showcase page to see how beautifully you can embed your videos on your website. Note that the HTML5 Video Player is with 50% discount for a week period!

Present Your Content in Stunning Panels

Today, we have an improved version of Sliding Panels that comes with bettered Dreamweaver CC and Windows 8 support. Based on CSS and jQuery – fully cross browser, this extension offers support for native gestures on touch devices as well mouse gestures on regular browsers! Check out the showcase below that we designed with the Sliding Panels and get it now, because it's with 50% discount until next Wednesday!

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