What You Missed This Week

In our weekly content summary you'll find all the releases, showcases, video tutorials and announcements we made during the last five days. The highlight this week is the release of our brand new Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template, which comes with a special price until next Wednesday. Also the DMXzone Responsive Text and HTML5 Image Enhancer are with 50% discount for four more days. Last but now least, we offer a sneak preview of the upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension so check it out!

DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Coming Next Week

Something hot and spicy has been cooking in the DMXzone kitchen for quite some time now. A new, premium Dreamweaver extension is on its way and will enhance the capabilities of DMXzone Bootstrap.

Get ready for the  DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Dreamweaver extension! It contains 35 ready to go Bootstrap Elements! It  will save you tons of time and let you add elements such as buttons, pagination, labels, alerts, media, progress bars and even more with just a single click in Bootstrap Elements panel, all of this directly in your Dreamweaver. Most importantly, each page element has its own custom inspector where you can easily change its properties and layout.

Not only you will be able to design fully responsive website layouts but also add amazing, useful and great looking components to it. Below, you can check out a sneak preview of the many powers that this upcoming extension has and explore it on a desktop browser or mobile device.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Extensions Subscription

Most of you are already familiar with our extensions subscription programs and a lot of you are already using them, but for the rest, in this article we'll explain in details why it's a great idea to consider one of the available ones. With the increasing number of high-quality Dreamweaver extensions coming on DMXzone, almost on a weekly basis, you will not only save a lot of money but will gain access to all 100+ extensions as well as Dreamweaver templates that you can use in your projects. If you're still wondering why it's a great idea to have an extensions subscription, read our 10 reasons.

Customizing the Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template

In this video tutorial, Teodor Kuduschiev will walk you through the process of customizing and editing the Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template. He will teach you how to change the header image and the content, as well as edit the navigation buttons to automatically update all child pages with just a few clicks in Dreamweaver. Also he'll add a new responsive welcome message and test the design for the different mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Not that the Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template is with a special price of €29/$39 until next Wednesday!

Responsive Restaurant Page with Awesome Effects

In today's inspirational lesson we're using two amazing DMXzone extensions - the HTML5 Image Enhancer and the DMXzone Responsive Text to design a single restaurant page where the menu is presented in beautiful images with awesome effects on mouse over. And of course, for the fully responsive design we use the free DMXzone Bootstrap Dreamweaver tool.

Until next Wednesday, the HTML5 Image Enhancer and DMXzone Responsive Text extensions are with 50% discount so hurry up and get them now! If you an extensions subscription member, you can simply download and install them in your Dreamweaver.

Design Ideas with Responsive Bootstrap Template

It's hard to imagine the infinite possibilities that a simple layout and some image placeholders have and in this blog post we will show you an idea of a website, executed with the just released Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template and the extensions that we used to create it. With only a few beautiful images, great effects applied on them and all the power of the DMXzone extensions it's easy to design a stunning website that contains four pages so check out what we did below.

For a week time you can get the Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template with a discount for only €29/$39.

Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template & Kit

This week we have a new design template that has a fully responsive layout that looks amazing on different devices and modern desktop browsers. It's been created with the free Dreamweaver Bootstrap extension and also features the HTML5 Image Enhancer tool for the hover images effects and the DMXzone Responsive Text so that the text scales up or down depending on the device screen resolution. The extensions and the template are also packed in a discount package called Universal Responsive Bootstrap Kit.

Until next Wednesday you can get the Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template for €29/$39, and the HTML5 Image Enhancer and DMXzone Responsive Text with 50% discount. Additionally, the volume discount applies upon checkout so hurry up and get these amazing tools with a significant price cut!

Sneak Preview of our Upcoming Template
As our designers and developers are still wrapping the newest addition to the Templates section, we offer you a sneak preview behind the work in progress. For this showcase page of an architecture studio we designed a fully responsive design layout with DMXzone Bootstrap, directly in Dreamweaver, to run smoothly on any device. Also we improved the images with the HTML5 Image Enhancer and added tint effect on hover. Stay tuned for this newest template tomorrow as it will come with even more design improvements.
Two More Days for DMXzone Nivo Slider Sale Price

During the last week, we showed you some amazing showcases that feature DMXzone's Nivo Slider extension and today we have a new one ready to inspire you with its powers and beautiful design. We combined the DMXzone Nivo Slider with the free DMXzone Bootstrap to create a fully responsive home page with great image preview so check it out below and note that the sale ends on Wednesday, until then the DMXzone Nivo Slider is with 50% discount.

What You Missed This Week

If you were unable to follow us on a daily basis during the week, in this article you'll find a list of videos, showcases and blog posts that we published the last five days. The most important announcement that we made this week was the official release of DMXzone Bootstrap, which is the perfect solution for designing CSS based and responsive web layouts, directly in Dreamweaver. The extension is available for free download so if you still don't have it do not hesitate and get it now. Also, we added 50% discount on our DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs extensions until next Wednesday. Check out the full list of DMXzone content below.

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