What You Missed This Week

This week we have a new member in our extension family - the DMXzone Ajax Form. With it you can submit any form inline and get the result on the same page without the need to refresh. After submission choose between two predefined messages (error and success) or customize them through the CSS, load different galleries or any other dynamic content on demand and much more. Make sure to check out the demos and videos we made for you. Now the DMXzone Ajax Form is on sale for only €29/$39! Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Ajax - Beyond the Four Lettering

In this article we are going to discuss what is AJAX, how it works, what you can do with it, what are the advantages and the fall backs. The goal here is to try and explain how the Ajax works, by giving you a detailed explanation of the whole process along with some graphics and live examples. So lets get started.

Load Different Image Galleries with Ajax Form

Yesterday we released our newest extension - the DMXzone Ajax Form. So today we are going to show you another way that you can use it in your projects. We made a simple page with an image gallery and put out a drop-down menu to work as a filter. That way the customers can view all the different rooms without the need to reload over and over again.

Until next Wednesday the DMXzone Ajax Form is on a spacial price - only €29/$39!

DMXzone Ajax Form Released With a Special Price

Today we are very happy to present our latest Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone Ajax Form. Submit any form and retrieve the result on the same page quick and easy, enhancing the user experience. This amazing Dreamweaver extension relies on Ajax technology providing fast load for the response inside the current page without the need to refresh. Check out the demos and the video tutorials we made for you as well as the detailed manual.

For a week time the DMXzone Ajax Form is on a special price and you can get it for €29/$39.

Loading Dynamic Galleries with DMXzone Ajax Form
If you checked out the features in detail that we unveiled yesterday, you would have seen that among all great stuff you can also use the DMXzone Ajax Form to load dynamic galleries inline. A day before the official release we will show you how great it looks in the browser. We also featured it in our video tutorials series so tomorrow you will be able to see how easy it is to create it as well.
DMXzone Ajax Form Features Unveiled

As we promised last Friday, today you can explore the features that our developers packed in the upcoming release for the DMXzone Ajax Form extension. Below you will find detailed information about each option and how to use it, well presented with screenshots.

Stay tuned for more insights regarding the DMXzone Ajax Form coming tomorrow and the official release on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week our awesome extension the Pure ASP Upload 3 got a huge boost for its 5th anniversary. Improved file upload from validations, bettered Dreamweaver CS6 compatibility, new pure HTML5 progress bar, are just a small part in this new version. Also we have a brand new manual. Make sure to check out the demos and videos that we made for you. Now the Pure ASP Upload 3 is on sale with 50% discount. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Ajax Form Coming Next Week

We are almost ready with our latest extension called DMXzone Ajax Form! Submit any web form with ajax and get results back directly on the same page! Show the results inline in special success or error areas of your page. Make loading on demand of any dynamic content possible through Ajax! For example create easily ajax based dependent drop downs or index/detail page in one! All of this an even more is packed in our upcoming extension! Below you can experience this awesome tool in the browser!

Stay tuned for the features in detail on Monday.

Pure ASP Upload 3 Comes with a Huge Boost

Five years have passed since the release of our much loved Pure ASP Upload 3 extension. So our developers worked really hard to make this new version special. It has new integrated file copy and files synchronization functionality in Dreamweaver for uploading the new files to your server, new pure HTML5 customizable progress bar and much more. Below you can find a complete list. Also make sure to check out the videos and the brand new manual we made for you.

That's not all, now for a week you can purchase the Pure ASP Upload 3 with 50% discount!

Coming Soon Page With HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery

Coming soon, under development or construction are often used when you see a new page or one that is getting a makeover. Most of the time you see just a blank page with nothing more than a gray background and a short message. So with today's showcase we are going to show you how to enhance a boring page a little bit with the help of our HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery tool, so you can keep the interest of our users.

Until tomorrow you can purchase the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery with 50% off!

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