Design a Vcard with the Improved Adv CSS Animator

Today we have a new version of our awesome Advanced CSS Animator extension, which has improved color animations for the latest browsers and bettered compatibility with the new jQuery 1.8.3 and jQuery 1.9.1. To show you the amazing things you can create with this Dreamweaver tool we designed a beautiful Valentine's Day card that can be easily made with only a few adjustments in the positioning and the opacity.

Until next Wednesday you can buy the Advanced CSS Animator with 50% discount!

Fully Responsive Nivo Slider and New Design Skins

Due to the many user requests we received, today our DMXzone Nivo Slider comes with some major improvements. Along with the 6 brand new designer skins, now you can create fully responsive sliders that will fit any modern browser or mobile device and present your content with style to your viewers. Even more new features can be found in the full list of improvements below.

For a week time, you can get the DMXzone Nivo Slider with €10/$14 cheaper so be quick and get it now!

Style the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery CSS for Amazing Effects

As promised yesterday, today we introduce our newest member to the DMXzone Design Team - Lubov Toralkova, who will blow your mind with some stunning CSS styling. She brought the HTML5 Flipping Gallery to a whole new level by adding awesome custom fonts and background images to each movie character. Check out this showcase below and see the infinite possibilities of this great Dreamweaver extension.

Inspiration with the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery

During last week we've updated the HTML5 Flipping Gallery with a new shuffle method where you can choose between uniform shuffle and jittered one. Today, we offer you an amazing showcase, presenting the never ending capabilities of this great Dreamweaver tool, design by our Web design guru Teodor Kuduschiev. Stay tuned for more inspiration coming on a daily basis from our newest member the DMXzone Design team - Lubov Torlakova, because this design duo will blow your mind!

What You Missed This Week

Our this week's content features a brand new design template called Simple Online Store Template. It comes together with same great showcases which will give you an idea what you can do with it, and is also packed in the discounted Simple Online Store Design Kit. Also we updated the HTML5 Video Player and filmed a video on how to load your videos from a recordset. Below you will find the full list of released content.

Get New Ideas For The Online Store Template

For today's showcase we took our newly released Simple Online Store Template to give you more ideas what you can do with it. For that purpose we made an online store for Dresses. With just a few clicks, we were able to customize the template, creating clean and straightforward design that it's easy to navigate through the content.

Simple Online Store Kit & Template

Many owners of small businesses prefer to have websites that are simple and clean with the option to sell their products or services online. If you have such clients, the Simple Online Store Design Kit is the perfect solution. You can quickly create a simple online store page with stunning presentation for their products. The pack includes three DMXzone extensions and a template, which can be customized according to the project.

The 3D Flipping Gallery Comes With New Shuffle Option

With the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery you can create awesome polaroid-like image galleries. Adding description, flipping effects, clickable links, are small part of what you can do with this tool. Now with this update we greatly improved the shuffle function. Pick up one of the two options, Uniform or Jittered according to how do you want your images to spread, in one place or even across the container.

Enhance Your Website for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's day nears by, most retailers are preparing for one of the major spending holidays. In today's showcase we will show you how effective can be a simple home page, built with only two Dreamweaver extensions - the HTML5 Parallax Slider and the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. To make it even easier for you, the template for this page will be available for purchase tomorrow so stay tuned and check out the demo below!

Load Your Videos From a Recordset
Great way to show your brand is through the power of the video presentation. You can make videos for all sort of things - short introductions, guides, tutorials and other. Most of the time all this great content needs to be introduced on several places on your page. To make this process as easy as possible we made a video that shows you how to use the HTML5 Video Player to load dynamic data.
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