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What You Missed This Week

This week, we are happy and proud to announce what our designers and developers did with the new look of Now, it's lighter, runs smoother and is supplied with amazing new technologies. In our weekly content summary you'll also find a numerous of showcases that we designed during the week, using DMXzone's most popular Dreamweaver extensions.

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Designing a Stunning Hotel Home Page

In today's inspiration lesson we created a stunning hotel showcase where we used the Advanced CSS Animator to create drop effect of the website sections on page load and also to animate the navigation menu buttons. Also the featured images are presented in a beautiful HTML5 Slideshow that has title and description of each picture. Below, the facilities and the wellness center are advertised in DMXzone Nivo Sliders, which on click open the larger images version in a DMXzone Lightbox.

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Celebrate the New DMXzone with Parallax Slider and HTML5 Slideshow

A day after the official release of our fully redesigned website, we decided to celebrate it with our most popular extension that made the design on the home page look so awesome - HTML5 Parallax Slider. Our featured articles are presented with it in a stunning presentation, divided in slides and multiple elements that gives it an amazing 3D depth illusion. Our second most popular extension, the HTML5 Slideshow also joins the party with great effects and navigation controls. Check out both extensions in action as we designed two beautiful showcases with them.

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New Cool Technologies Empowering DMXzone

Our developers and designers work is done and today we're extremely happy with the result and proud to announce the fully redesigned! Now it runs faster and smoother on all modern browsers as well as mobile devices thanks to some new technologies that we used. Check out what's new on DMXzone and let us know what you think by writing us a comment below.

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For the last few months our developers and designers have been working on a visual revamp for website. They also refined all the features significantly and we're ready to release the new, updated, user-friendlier and greatly improved DMXzone, tomorrow! Note that the website won't be available for a couple of minutes until we're done with the upload of the new version so if you experience any troubles, please let us know or just wait until it's up and running. And of course, we appreciate all the feedback we can get on how do you like or don't like the new DMXzone look.

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Stunning Landing Page Design

Today's showcase is an astonishing way of presenting your products or services with a simple, but stunning landing page. With the use of HTML 5 Video Player for background video and Advanced CSS Animator to spice up the menu items, you can achieve an extraordinary effects and create a breathtaking first impression.

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HTML5 Data Bindings and Twitter Bootstrap for Dreamweaver CC

As Adobe decided to cut off the server behaviors from its upcoming Dreamweaver CC, the DMXzone developers team stepped in and in a collaboration with the Dreamweaver team came up with an amazing solution that will bring the user experience to a whole new level, regarding dynamic websites. The future HTML5 Data Bindings extension was announced just a few minutes ago by George Petrov, CEO and founder of the DMXzone at the annual Adobe Max Conference. The extension will be free of charge and available for every one on Adobe Exchange as well as on DMXzone. Another amazing extension, that is also free and developed for the new Dreamweaver CC lets users enjoy the beauty of Twitter Bootstrap directly in DW with a fantastic visual experience. Stay tuned for more info and the upcoming releases of these helpful tools coming on DMXzone next week!

Update: The DMXzone Bootstrap is already available for free download from its product page. It can be installed on Dreamweaver CS5+.

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DMXzone Live from Adobe Max 2013

If you followed us today on Facebook or Twitter, you would have seen our happy faces as we're already in sunny California at the annual Adobe Max Conference. Just a few minutes ago, Alejandro Gutierrez, Product Manager for Adobe Dreamweaver announced the amazing new features that are packed in the upcoming Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud). He also mentioned a secret, two cool new extensions specifically developed by the DMXzone team and backed up by Adobe, that will be launching together with Dreamweaver CC! 

Those will be presented from us on Wednesday, May 8th at 8 a.m and if you're at the MAX, you can stop by and get more details first. The session is called Creating the Modern Web with Dreamweaver and Creative Cloud. Stay tuned for more live updates coming on Wednesday when we'll unveil what we developed together with Adobe!

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Meet the DMXzone Team at Adobe MAX

Just 3 days before the annual Adobe Max kicks off, we're already packing and are on our way to sunny California. If you have ever wondered who's behind the DMXzone community, you'll have the opportunity to meet us there or just say hello. We'll be honored to meet each one of you who keep us alive and strong through all these years. We'll give our best to keep you up to date with all the latest news, live from the MAX conference in Los Angeles, CA so stay tuned between May 4-8 on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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Amazing Home Page with Parallax Slider and Slideshow

We're starting the week with an amazing home page, that has been created with only two DMXzone extensions. For this showcase we only used the HTML5 Slideshow for the background images, which are coordinated with the HTML5 Parallax Slider once on the foreground through the behavior connector. When you navigate the Parallax Slider, it changes the slideshow images on the background. Check out this awesome demo below!

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