Feed Genie discovers new grounds!
October 11, 2010 by Rob Nijkamp

As many users already know, Feed Genie ASP is one of our finest extensions we’ve released not so long time ago. It has many hidden powers that you might not be aware of, so we will be posting more cases of great usages of the product.

The Story

We've recently launched Feed Genie & HTML5 Image Enhancer Bundle ASP, a very useful extension bundle that perfectly shows the possibilities of Feed Genie ASP. Our developers will also release a new bundle with Feed Genie ASP and newest version of HTML5 Slideshow (1.0.3).

  • Generate catchy mouseovers using HTML5 Image Enhancer
  • Apply superb effects like reflections, gradients, filters, transitions
  • Use Picasa or Flickr as source for your HTML5 Slideshow
  • Connect those Picasa or Flickr galeries with Feed Genie so your always have the latest photos
  • Get next to the photos also their descriptions from the Picasa or Flickr Feed
  • Decorate your HTML5 Slideshow with cool polaroid style with CSS
  • Use the random options in the HTML5 Slideshow to create a truly random slideshow (how to use)
  • Be creative - possibilities are unlimited

There is even Feed Genie PHP in development that we are going to release very soon! So stay tuned!

HTML5 Image Enhancer
Photo & Video – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
HTML5 Slideshow
Design – Create Mind-Blowing HTML5 Presentations!
Feed Genie
Interactivity – Get your favorite feeds as Data Sources!
Feed Genie & HTML5 Image Enhancer Collection
Collections – Get your favorite feeds as data sources and enhance their thumbnails with fantastic effects
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Advanced HTML Editor 3
Design – Meet the future of Content Editing
HTML5 Designer Collection
Collections – Use the full power of HTML5 and CSS3 to create outstanding websites

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