Online Store with Mega Bundle PHP 4.0

August 16, 2011 Source article

Using Mega Bundle PHP 4.0 to create an online store

On the day 2 of our Summer sale, we present you the power of Mega Bundle PHP 4.0 and its extensions. In today's showcase we build up a simple online t-shirts store with different products that can be edited anytime and from anywhere. Check it out live to see how easy it is and how great it looks like!

The Story

Online T-shirts Store Demo

  • Advanced HTML Editor 3 - The editor allows you to change anything on the website in no time. We set up the whole product page to be editable (images, titles and prices).
  • Online Page Editor Add-on - You can access the editor on this page from anywhere with a simple login username and password. In order to log in use CTRL+SHIFT+2 and username: demo; password: demo.
  • Image Gallery Add-on - All images used in this demo can be found in the image gallery, you can also upload additional for future use.
  • Pure PHP Upload 2 - Upload the images into the image gallery directly from your computer.
  • Advanced Multi Uploader - Full file management and multiple secure uploads in just a few clicks!
  • Smart Image Processor PHP 2 - Resizes your images while uploading in the editor. Outside the editor you can easily process multiple images, create thumbnails, use image options such as crop, flip, rotate, sharpen and blur, or create grayscale images. You can even brand your image by including a watermark or text.
  • Advanced Layer Popup - If you need a larger preview of the images they can be opened in an amazing Popup window.




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