DMXzone PrintIt Features Unveiled

July 3, 2012

Enrich your page by adding print capabilities

As we promised last week, it's time to lift up the curtain and unveil the features of our new extension - DMXzone PrintIt. Now if you want to print something from the page but you don't want anything outside the main content area to be printed or maybe you want to print just one specific part of the site, how would you do that? The answer is fairly easy - DMXzone PrintIt it the right tool to use. Just choose any element from your webpage and allow the users to print it. Stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday!

The Story

  • Choose different elements from your page - It's no longer necessary to print to whole page, just pick up the element on the page you need and make it printable. You can add as many as you need. For every element you add you can give different ID in the Title box.
  • Different Print Mode - Choose how the print preview will appear - on the same page or in a Pop-Up. If you select Pop-up you can also make it stay open by clicking on the "Leave pop-up open" box.
  • Set the print event - You can choose from any standard Dreamweaver event or you can add a "Print" button on your page.
  • Great Dreamweaver integration - The DMXzone PrintIt extension is fully integrated in Dreamweaver.
  • Variable use with other extensions - It can be combined with a number of other tools such as printing Google Maps, directions, events on calendar, different tables, charts and much more.



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