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January 9, 2017

Which tools to expect from us this year


You ask for it and you shall receive it! Last week we announced that we were working on our DMXzone Extensions Roadmap 2017 and now we're ready to give you a sneak preview of what to expect from us. First and foremost one major extension will be released very soon. It's called DMXzone App Connect, and similarly to DMXzone Server Connect, it will serve many more other extensions but on the client side. If you're already familiar with HTML5 Data Bindings, think of DMXzone App Connect like its second version but with improved behavior connector (DMXzone Task Manager to be named). Below you can see what else we'll develop but keep in mind that we'll update the list constantly in the next few months.

The Story

DMXzone App Connect (HTML5 Data Bindings 2) - Already available

One ground breaking extension is currently under development and will make its official appearance this year. Similar to the DMXzone Server Connect, but on the client side, DMXzone App Connect will be the ground base for a large number of awesome new extensions. 

App Connect Components and Visual Designers

  • DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal - already available
  • HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter 2
  • DMXzone Task Connect (DMXzone Behavior Connector 2)
  • DMXzone Bootstrap 4 Visual Designer for App Connect
  • DMXzone Datastore for App Connect
  • DMXzone Firebase for App Connect
  • DMXzone Charts for App Connect
  • DMXzone Bootstrap 4 Visual Designer + addons
  • DMXzone Foundation 6 Visual Designer
  • DMXzone Bulma Visual Designer
  • DMXzone Framework 7  Visual Designer V2
  • DMXzone Owl Carousel
  • DMXzone AutoComplete 2
  • Advanced HTML Editor 4 - DMXzone HTML editor for App Connect and Server Connect

Server Connect Components

  • DMXzone Security Provider v2
  • DMXzone Database Connector 2
  • DMXzone Database Updater 2
  • DMXzone Proxy Connector
  • DMXzone Local Data Connector
  • DMXzone OAuth 2 Connector
  • DMXzone Zapier Connector
  • Advanced HTML Editor 4 - DMXzone HTML editor for App Connect and Server Connect

DMXzone Building and Packaging Tools

  • DMXzone Cordova Builder 2
  • DMXzone Webpack Builder
  • DMXzone Firebase Builder

Additional Database Tools

  • DMXzone Database Creator
  • DMXzone Advanced Query Builder

Additional Releases

To complete and enhance the support for the new age Ajax driven web sites and single page and mobile apps all our major extensions will be updated and rewritten to include support for these latest technologies. Expect new major releases of the following well known extensions:
  • Universal CSS Navigation Menu 2
  • HTML5 Video Player 2
  • HTML5 MP3 Player 2
  • Ajax Datagrid 2

Optional Data Bindings Extensions

More Security Connector Add-ons

When you need more than just regular security to protect your site and you want to connect and authorize from various public providers you should seek for the following Security Provider Add-ons:

  • DMXzone Facebook Security Provider Add-on
  • DMXzone Google Security Provider Add-on
  • DMXzone Twitter Security Provider Add-on

Mobile Development

As you are doing more mobile developments with PhoneGap and building more advanced HTML5 based web apps, you will definitely need the upcoming WebSQL versions of the DMXzone Database Connector, Updater and Creator so you can fully access, update and create the local WebSQL (SQLite) Databases for your app.

  • DMXzone WebSQL Connector
  • DMXzone WebSQL Updater
  • DMXzone WebSQL Creator

Empowering Browser's Local Storage

Building more advanced No-SQL like databases for storing objects and various structures directly in the browser local storage object will be even more easier with the upcoming LocalStorage versions of the DMXzone Database Connector, Updater and Creator.

  • DMXzone LocalStorage Connector
  • DMXzone LocalStorage Updater
  • DMXzone LocalStorage Creator

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Great news!

January 9, 2017 by Nikolaos Beligiannis
This is great news. I still can't believe that someone will ignore all these tools you already provide and the ones you are about to produce. DMXzone framework is number 1 solution for custom web development. Another great year is coming. Congrats DMXzone.

HTML Editor 4

January 11, 2017 by Greta Garberini
Great News, this one especially, since it is the "heart" of any CMS backend!

Good News

May 26, 2017 by dennis bates
Sorry to ask this it would be nice now that we are nearly 6 months into the year to just have a bit of a good news this is where we stand with our road map for 2017.


September 4, 2017 by Ben Pleysier
Something is happening http://wappler.io/ Wappler - The Visual Web App Creator based on Bootstrap 4

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