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Great new showcases to inspire you

Looking for amazing examples of scroll reveal animations, with the just released HTML5 Animate CSS 2 - look no further but check out those two showcases


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More Magic with DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter

In today's showcase we used the DMXzone App Connect Formatter to filter the portfolio page. In addition, we used the category buttons to filter the results by category name, using the equals filter. We also filter the results by the value entered in the search field, using Fuzzysearch. Both filter options are combined by the && operation filter. So make sure to check it out below and experience the power of DMXzone App Connect Formatter.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone App Connect Formatter with discount because we put it on sale! 

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Best Practices with DMXzone Security Provider

DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET is an awesome Dreamweaver extension, which allows you to apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app. Secure the access to your Database Sources and Database Actions, and decide who has access to what resources on your web site or app. To get an idea of the power that the extension has, check both showcases below.

DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET is currently on sale until next Wednesday!

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Powerful HTML5 Client and Server Side Validation

The goal of web form validation is to ensure that the user provided necessary and properly formatted information needed to successfully complete an operation. The easiest way to achieve this is by using our next generation HTML5 Form Validator. It will give your users the power to avoid mistakes while they're filling out the data. The most common method to warn them is with a message, what they did wrong or hint them what the input should be. Make sure to check out the showcases below and get it soon as the HTML5 Form Validator is on sale until Wednesday!

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Design Inspiration with CSS Image Gallery 2

This week's top DMXzone seller CSS Image Gallery 2 is one amazing Dreamweaver extension, which you can use to enhance the image presentation on your website. For optimal performance on mobile devices you can use native gestures and slide through the images with ease. Due to the intelligent scaling the gallery automatically adjusts to the images aspect ratio with fluid effects and CSS animations. Make sure to check out the showcases below and see what you can achieve with it.

Until next Wednesday you can get CSS Image Gallery 2 with discount because we put it on sale. 

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Design Inspiration with Parallax Slider 2

There's one fine DMXzone extensions, which will greatly do the job if you need a tool to create stunning presentations on your website. It's called HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 and lets you divide your content into different slides and add multiple elements in each one to create awesome 3D depth illusion for your users. If you want to see what you can achieve with this extension, check out the showcases below and get it now as it's currently on sale!

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Best Practices with Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator

Would you like to waste valuable time for creating and populating tables manually? If the answer is no, then we have just the right extension for you. Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator is another awesome Bootstrap 3 tool, which generates and populates tables fully automatically. To experience the powers of this great extension, check out both showcases below.

Until next Wednesday, you can get Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator with discount, because we put it on sale!

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Amazing Design Ideas with Bootstrap 3 Extensions

We'll continue to give you great ideas, which you can apply to your future projects, using our most helpful Bootstrap 3 extensions. In our latest showcase, we designed a website for a restaurant, which features fully responsive layout, great navigation and user-friendly content. In addition, the images are presented in a stunning slideshow and to top everything, we added fade in effect on scroll. So make sure to check it out and see below the extensions that we used!  Read More

Experience the Power of Bootstrap 3

Once you master the basics, such as creating a page layout, adding navigation and content, you can take a step further and focus on the design, which is the key for a successful website. Below you'll find an amazing collection of showcases which can give you an idea how to use your Bootstrap 3 extensions the best possible way and create even more stunning design experience for your users.

Until Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation, Components and Forms Designer with discount so hurry up!

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Supersize Your Images in a Stunning Background Slideshow

If you want your images to stand our and make a statement on your website, the best and easiest possible way to do that is with our DMXzone Supersized 2 extension. You can create a stunning background slideshow, which will be displayed behind objects like menus, text fields or any content you have, even behind another gallery, like we did in the Bike Catalog Showcase below! Until next Tuesday, you can get any of our galleries with 30% discount, including the DMXzone Supersized 2.
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