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Arrange Your Elements in a Grid with App Connect Masonry

We are always facing problems with different-sized items on every website. But here is the best solution... App Connect Masonry. That extension will place every item in a grid based on the available vertical space, and even animated. It's perfect for galleries, featured news items, video collections, etc.

Running absolutely perfect on any device - desktop, tablet or mobile, and you can customize display options from the DW panel. Simple and easy! The script behind is lightweight and will not slow down your website.

We have prepared a couple of showcases to see it live, and videos to make it happen.

The traditional 25% release discount is valid until Wednesday, 27 September!

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Coming Up Next: App Connect Masonry

I'm sure that you've seen that Masonry image grid! It's all over the Internet! That lightweight script is placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space - so user friendly and running perfectly on any device.

Check the exclusive highlights of App Connect Masonry below. The release is coming on board tomorrow!

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Add Videos to your App Connect Lightbox Image Gallery

Just a highlight: App Connect Lightbox, our newest extension, supports all kind of images, as well as .mp4 video files! Now it's easier than ever to mix images and videos in a gallery, or just display your .mp4 files in a modern stylish lightbox.

Check the showcase below and find out how to use that function of the extension :)

Hurry up, the 25% release discount is ending on Wednesday!

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Passion for Images with App Connect Lightbox

Our team is really excited to demonstrate you the great functions of our recently released App Connect Lightbox extension!

In our newest showcase you will find a photography blog with full screen images, titles and surrounding texts. Check the linked articles below!

Remember, you can get App Connect Lightbox for only 39 EUR until Wednesday, 20 September!

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Display Images in a Brand New Way With App Connect Lightbox

It's about how you show images to your users! Which solution do you prefer? Showing them as raw .jpeg images, collecting in hard-weight galleries, or what?

Let's have a look on the newest DMXzone release: App Connect Lightbox. That's your best solution!

Light and powerful, it gives you the opportunity to include pictures or video in galleries or just open every image in a lightbox pop-up. Supporting dynamic data sources, native titles, linked thumbnails... everything for a fascinating user experience!

Get only with 25% release discount until Wednesday, 20 September!

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All-New App Connect Lightbox Will Rock Your Website

Get ready! The all-new App Connect Lightbox will change your mind about images. New wave of lightbox - full screen, titles, MP4 videos, great navigation controls, thumbnails, mobile swiping...

Will be available on Wednesday! Check the exclusive highlights below.

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Image Upload for Medium Editor? It's Here

First DMXzone release after the summer vacation!

You can now add any image in your Medium text regions in order to enrich the content using the long-awaited Medium Editor Image Upload Add-on.

Get ready! Great functionalities are included: drag&drop multiple upload, editable titles, resizing, compressing and predefined alignment options.

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Introducing Hot Features of App Connect Medium Editor Image Upload Add-on

Finally! We are happy to announce our first add-on release after the summer vacation! The long-awaited image upload for App Connect Medium Editor is almost here to improve user experience of your content.

Check out a couple of hot features, on Wednesday the extension will be available for download!

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New Showcases and App Connect Slideshow Updated

We have released first update of App Connect Slideshow! In the new version you will find improved touch support for the slideshow navigation and slide links.

Don't forget, we offer 2D and 3D transitions add-on. Use them to reach great user experience!

Check the Slideshow Collection

Our newest showcases will demonstrate you the mighty functionalities of the extension.

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Subscribe for Our Web Push Notifications

We have launched a cool new feature: browser push notifications. You can subscribe just by clicking on the bell, located in the bottom of the website. The option is available for Chrome and Firefox users.

Learn immediately about our new releases, great promotions, web tips and tech news! It's all there! Of course, remember that we will never SPAM you. Only pure and useful information, directly in your web browser.

Stay tuned - our email newsletter, social media, push notifications and blog are your best source!

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