Inside the Crypto Add-on for Server Data Formatter

Security and data integrity are crucial parts of any secure system. That's why you need to generate cryptographic hashes for secure password validation. This is where DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on comes in place and does that with various algorithms, strongly encrypt and decrypt texts with password and more. It will also be released on Wednesday, alongside DMXzone Server Data Formatter but for now, check out what's inside.

What's Inside Server Data Formatter

We're starting the week with some great news about the upcoming DMXzone Server Data Formatter. It's ready to make an official appearance on Wednesday and today you can check out the features highlights and an overview of the supplied formatters in it. You can even experience the amazing visual expression builder, which allows construction of expressions order and operations fully visually. Stay tuned for more info about this great Dreamweaver tool tomorrow.

Server Data Formatter and Crypto are Coming Next Week!
Our developers have been working to make these two extension releases possible and it's almost time for them to make an official appearance. Have you ever used HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter? Well, it's time for its server side version and it's coming next Wednesday. Supplied with 55 formatting filters, DMXzone Server Formatter will let you format your server data any way you want without writing a single line of code. Also we have an add-on for it, called Server Data Formatter Crypto to generate cryptographic hashes for secure password validation and more.
Autumn Flash Sale Starts Now!


For the next 48 hours you can get any DMXzone extension or template with 30% discount. Just use the promo code: DMXFALL16 in your shopping cart. You can save up to 50% if you combine the promo code with our multiple purchase discount. So the more you buy, the greater the discount.

*Note: The promo code does not apply to subscriptions, only extensions and templates. 

All ASP.NET Extensions in a Single Pack


After Database Connectivity Collection for PHP and ASP, it's time to unveil our next great pack of awesome DMXzone extensions. It features all brand new ASP.NET compatible Connector, Updater and Security Provider as well as all our server side extensions, which works on ASP.NET too. Database Connectivity Collection ASP.NET is the ultimate pack of tools if you need to create powerful websites and apps using the mighty speed and power of ASP.NET.

Of course, if you already own any of the extensions in this collection, they won't be added in the shopping cart so make sure to be logged in first before purchasing it. 

Updated: Speed Comparison between Server Models

With the release of ASP.NET support in DMXzone Server Connect, which made possible to use all our database driven solutions in Dreamweaver, arose one question. We already knew that ASP.NET is fast but we will lie if we say that we knew how much faster it is, compared to Classic ASP. So we conducted a few tests with Classic ASP, PHP and ASP.NET and the results are mind-blowing. Make sure to check them out below and consider switching from Classic ASP to ASP.NET because the speed difference is impressive.

Update: We were asked about the PHP version used in the comparison so now both PHP5.6 32 bit and PHP7 64 bit are included and you can even see the speed difference between both versions, compared to ASP.NET and Classic ASP. 

Replace ASP.NET Server Behaviors with New Server Connect ASP.NET Extensions

It's already September 2016 and we thought it's time to unplug some ASP.NET extensions, which are still using the old, deprecated Server Behaviors. So as from today we'll no longer support or update Smart Image Processor ASP.NET, Pure ASP.NET Upload and Pure ASP.NET Upload Add-on Pack. The good news is that with the release of ASP.NET support in DMXzone Server Connect you can easily replace these tools with their more modern and advanced versions.

HTML5 File Upload, DMXzone Image Processor and DMXzone File System Connector are available with special upgrade price if you decide to move forward and start using the latest technologies available.

Server Connect Now with ASP.NET Support
We're proud to announce that as of this moment, DMXzone Server Connect has been updated and supports ASP.NET. It is accompanied by 3 new extensions - DMXzone Database Connector ASP.NET, Database Updater ASP.NET and Security Provider ASP.NET.  Until next Wednesday you can get these extensions with discount or upgrade with even greater one if you already own their ASP versions.
ASP.NET Support for Server Connect is Coming Tomorrow

It's ready, it works like a charm and soon enough it will be available for you. Today we'll give you a sneak preview of the improved DMXzone Server Connect, which will let you empower ASP.NET support in your Dreamweaver. Alongside, we developed brand new versions of DMXzone Database Connector ASP.NET, DMXzone Database Updater ASP.NET and DMXzone Security Provider ASP.NET. All other server side extensions will be updated to support ASP.NET so you can use them within your DMXzone Server Connect like you do, when working with PHP or ASP.

Improved DMXzone Cordova Builder

Our most popular extension for creating regular HTML5 and CSS pages as mobile apps to all the major mobile platforms has been updated. The latest version of DMXzone Cordova Builder features the support for Cordova 6.1.1, improved platform listings and site refreshing. If you're not familiar with this great Dreamweaver tool, make sure to check it out, because we put it on sale until next Wednesday.

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