20% Discount on our Yearly Subscription
After a month of discounted extensions' collections, our Summer Sale might be over, but we're not done with the offers yet! If you want to experience the power of all our extensions and templates, now is the time to do it. Until next Wednesday our All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription is on sale with 20% discount. If you already have a monthly subscription, make sure to cancel that one first before subscribing for a yearly. A yearly subscription does not give you an extension of 12 months for the existing one.
Last 2 Days of DMXzone Summer Sale

It's almost time to say good bye to our annual Summer Sale. The last selection of DMXzone extensions that we put on sale, features amazing tools, which you can use to create stunning galleries and slideshows. One of them is the mighty CSS Image Gallery 2. It's been around for a lot of years and still it does set the trends when it comes to displaying images so make sure to check out the showcases we prepared for you and get it as the offer expires tomorrow.

Supersize Your Images in a Stunning Background Slideshow
If you want your images to stand our and make a statement on your website, the best and easiest possible way to do that is with our DMXzone Supersized 2 extension. You can create a stunning background slideshow, which will be displayed behind objects like menus, text fields or any content you have, even behind another gallery, like we did in the Bike Catalog Showcase below! Until next Tuesday, you can get any of our galleries with 30% discount, including the DMXzone Supersized 2.
What to Choose: HTML5 Slideshow or Nivo Slider

At first glance, HTML5 Slideshow 2 and DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 look quite similar extensions. Both offer great display of your images, are fully responsive, come with integrated image resizer and can be generated from dynamic source. But we're often asked what's the difference between them and the first thing that stands out is the thumbnail image preview, which is to be found in the DMXzone Nivo Slider 3. On the other hand, HTML5 Slideshow 2 features the amazing Ken Burns moving effects so at the end of the day it's up to you to choose the one you like better, or simply get both of them!

Summer Sale with our Beautiful Galleries
Our last selection of DMXzone extensions for this year's Summer Sale, features our most amazing tools, which will help you create stunning galleries and slideshows. From the HTML5 Slideshow 2 and CSS Image Gallery 2 to DMXzone Supersized 2, you can get any of our galleries with at least 30% discount until next Tuesday. As always, the multiple purchase discount also applies so the more you get the greater the discount you'll receive.
Replace Server Behaviors Part 4
In this next part of the series Replacing Server Behaviors with DMXzone extensions we'll talk about dynamic form elements. The old and deprecated Insert/Update Record Wizard in Dreamweaver is easily replaceable by our Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator and it will blow your mind. So make sure to check out the article and the video tutorials. Keep in mind that this extension is a few more hours on sale with 30% discount as part of the Summer Sale.
Auto Generate Forms, Tables and Paging
Once you master the basics of Bootstrap 3, working with our other extensions becomes very easy. A day before the sale for all our Bootstrap 3 extensions is over, we would like to introduce you our Generators. Three awesome extensions, which allow you to automatically generate forms, tables and paging, without a single line of code. Make sure to check out these tools if you still don't have them because the offer expires tomorrow! Below you will find four amazing video tutorials to show you what they can do.
Design Inspiration with Bootstrap 3

Once you master the basics, such as creating a page layout, adding navigation and content, you can take a step further and focus on the design, which is the key for a successful website. Below you'll find an amazing collection of showcases which can give you an idea how to use your Bootstrap 3 extensions the best possible way and create even more stunning design experience for your users. All Bootstrap 3 extensions are on sale until next Tuesday so hurry up if you still need any of them.

Getting Started with the Bootstrap 3 Extensions

Bootstrap 3 is the most popular framework when it comes to designing up to date, responsive websites with stunning content and user-friendly navigation. This week, our entire collection of Bootstrap 3 extensions is on sale and if you're still not familiar with it, then in the next few days you'll learn more about it. We'll start with the basics and the extensions you'll be needing for creating the layout, adding elements to the page and a cool navigation so make sure to watch the video tutorials and get these crazy great extensions!

DMXzone Summer Sale - Week 3
We're already by the third week of our annual DMXzone Summer Sale and until next Tuesday we'll have one of our most famous collection of extensions on sale. This week's selection of discounted tools includes all Bootstrap 3 extensions so you can create fantastic responsive layouts with great content tables, forms and many more so make sure to check out the full list below. 
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