Powerful HTML5 Client and Server Side Validation

The goal of web form validation is to ensure that the user provided necessary and properly formatted information needed to successfully complete an operation. The easiest way to achieve this is by using our next generation HTML5 Form Validator. It will give your users the power to avoid mistakes while they're filling out the data. The most common method to warn them is with a message, what they did wrong or hint them what the input should be. Make sure to check out the showcases below and get it soon as the HTML5 Form Validator is on sale until Wednesday!

Validating Input Valude Againts Database

In our Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions Part 2 article we spoke about the technologies used back in the days for user authentication. On Wednesday, we improved two key extensions, which are used to replace this old approach. HTML5 Form Validator and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET are exactly what you need to forget about "check new username" server behavior and verify that the requested username is not already in the data source, in a more modern way. So make sure to check out the video below and learn how to check if a record exists in a database before insert.

Celebrate Dreamweaver CC 2017 with our Special Offers

A lot of us were excited to embrace the new dark theme in Dreamweaver CC 2017. Now, it's a fact and our developers at DMXzone are even more excited to make all extensions suitable for this dark design. But this doesn't mean that we forgot about all of you, still using Dreamweaver CS6. On the contrary, today's updates of DMXzone Server Connect, HTML5 Form Validator, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET, DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP/ASP.NET are for all of you so make sure to check out what's new.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET and HTML5 Form Validator with discount!

Extension Manager Improved with Great Peer 2 Peer Downloads

Our developers worked really hard to improve DMXzone Extension Manager and today we're proud to announce its latest version. Now, the Extension Manager features one more section called Queue, where you can track your downloads. Thanks yo the great peer 2 peer technology and the DMXzone community members, now your downloads will be faster than ever! Below, you can see the full list of improvements in DMXzone Extension Manager.

What Happens when You Mix CSS Image Gallery and Lightbox?

What happens when you meet a pure css image gallery with a modal, stylish popup? You end up with awesome display of your CSS Image Gallery 2 images within DMXzone Lightbox 2. Why would you want to do that you may ask. Well, it's an awesome way to display larger images from your gallery. And how to create that you will learn from today's video tutorial, which you can watch below.

Don't forget that CSS Image Gallery 2 is still on sale, in case you don't have it. 

What You Missed This Week

It's been an exciting week and if you couldn't follow us on a daily basis, here you'll find what we released and announced during the week. Most importantly, there's a all-new Dreamweaver CC 2017, which was announce a couple of days ago. All DMXzone extensions work perfectly fine with this version, so you can use them like you're used to. Also we released a brand new, Bootstrap 3 based template and an improved version of CSS Image Gallery 2 so make sure to check these out too.

Design Inspiration with CSS Image Gallery 2

This week's top DMXzone seller CSS Image Gallery 2 is one amazing Dreamweaver extension, which you can use to enhance the image presentation on your website. For optimal performance on mobile devices you can use native gestures and slide through the images with ease. Due to the intelligent scaling the gallery automatically adjusts to the images aspect ratio with fluid effects and CSS animations. Make sure to check out the showcases below and see what you can achieve with it.

Until next Wednesday you can get CSS Image Gallery 2 with discount because we put it on sale. 

All-New Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The waiting is over, Dreamweaver CC 2017 is here! It was officially announced at the annual Adobe MAX conference yesterday and now you can experience its full powers. Some of you are already aware of the features, as being part of the pre-release program, but for the rest, you can check out the highlights below. 

All DMXzone extensions work perfectly fine in this new Dreamweaver release and we continue to update our tools for the dark theme, so you don't have to worry about the compatibility. Just make sure to use the latest DMXzone Extension Manager and restart it after you install Dreamweaver CC 2017 so that this version also appears in the dropdown menu. 

Brand New and Fully Responsive Template for You


Responsive Personal Blog Template has a modern and easily customizable design, which meets the latest design trends. It's designed with the latest Bootstrap 3 extensions, features an amazing image gallery and can be reused on multiple projects. In order to install it in Dreamweaver and use it, you need to have the required DMXzone extensions installed first.

Keep in mind that among the required extensions you'll find CSS Image Gallery 2, which we also improved and put on sale with discount. 

Custom Controls and Responsive Parallax Slider

HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 is an amazing Dreamweaver extension, which lets you add as many elements as you need and adjust their position by dragging them fully visual in Dreamweaver design view. You can easily arrange the order of appearance and time transitions to create stunning 3D depth illusion effect. And to top all that, you can add custom controls easily if you follow our tutorial below. Alongside the controls you can designed the slider to be fully responsive for any screen size.

HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 has been improved and is still on sale until tomorrow so get it now.

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