New Design Kit and Template For Your Presentations

The first few seconds when a new visitor enters your page can be crucial. Greet your visitors with stunning presentation and get their attention. The new Parallax Product Presentation Kit helps you with that. It has a simple and clean design, focusing your clients on the products/services that you offer. The kit combines the 2 DMXzone extension and a template which can be easily customized.

For a short period of time you can get the Parallax Product Presentation Template for €19/$26!

HTML5 Image Enhancer Improved

The latest version of the HTML5 Image Enhancer is focused on the developers' struggle with non HTML5 compatible browsers such as Internet Explorer. As we still can not avoid its usage from many people around the globe, this Dreamweaver extension comes with a special fall back method, that will use Flash on browsers that do not support the HTML5 Canvas element to achieve the same fantastic results! This is exactly what we improved in the 2.0.1 so even in ancient browsers your websites will look amazing. You can check out the full list of improvements below.

HTML5 Parallax Slider and Image Enhancer Join Forces

In today's showcase two of our most popular extensions - the HTML5 Parallax Slider and the HTML5 Image Enhancer - meet to join forces. The fist impression is very important so we created a Designer's webpage with some mind blowing elements, that can grab the attention of any visitor and make him/her a potential customer.

DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler Features Unveiled

LESS is the language that can speed up your development process significantly! And to make it even quicker, we developed the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler that does it in a mouse click time, directly in Dreamweaver! It's extremely powerful and lets you use variables, mixins, nested rules and even functions within your CSS. In today's article we unveiled all those amazing features that are packed in this awesome Dreamweaver tool.

Update: DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler is now available for download!

What You Missed This Week

This week we released the DMXzone Uniform extension. Apply it on any form element on your page to style your forms, giving them the same awesome look in any browser. Choose one of the three predefined designs or just make your own through the CSS and more. The DMXzone Uniform is one of the 4 extensions packed in the Portfolio Design Kit along with a template. A perfect solution for creating stylish webpages, offering different services and present a portfolio with them. Make sure to check out the showcases and the videos. Now the DMXzone Uniform and the Portfolio Design Template are on sale with €10/$13 cheaper. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler Coming Next Week

Our developers' team is almost done with our next Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone LESS CSS Compiler. It is an awesome tool that enables full support for LESS in Dreamweaver! Now you can finally open and edit LESS files directly in Dreamweaver with color coding and code hinting! The extension will auto compile your LESS files to CSS upon saving so you can experience the power of LESS with the ease of Dreamweaver usage!

As we feel that support for LESS should be built in Dreamweaver so that everybody can use it, we are releasing this extension for FREE!

Amazing Portfolio Website with Portfolio Design Kit

In today's inspiration lesson, created by our DMXzone Design Team, we will will show you a fully finished website that features the amazing work of the inspiring 3D Artist - Christian Ludmiloff. This portfolio web page is designed with the newly released Portfolio Design Kit that features 4 Dreamweaver extension and template. Check out the showcase below and see how easily you can make a great impression on your visitors.

DMXzone Uniform Released With a Special Price

Today the DMXzone Uniform joins our Dreamweaver extensions family. With this tool you can style any form element on your page and make it look the same in all browsers. Choose between 3 stunning designs or customize them through the CSS to meet your needs, add autocomplete as an option and more. Make sure to read the manual and watch the video tutorials we made for you.

Now you can get the DMXzone Uniform with a special price only for €29/$40 until next Wednesday!

New Portfolio Design Kit and Template

If you are looking for to make a web page showcasing different services and include a portfolio with them, don't look any further. The Portfolio Design Kit is the perfect solution. It combines our newly released DMXzone Uniform with 3 others DMXzone extensions and a template. In just a few minutes and little adjustments here and there, you will have a fully functional website for you customers.

Now you can purchase the Portfolio Design Template and save €10/$13!

Awesome Contact Page with Uniform and Google Maps

Less than a day before the official release of DMXzone Uniforms we've designed a beautiful contact page with it and another DMXzone jewel - the DMXzone Google Maps. You can try it on any modern browser as well as on a mobile device to see how greatly the performance is. Stay tuned for more amazing showcases and video tutorial coming with this release tomorrow!

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