Building a Photography Website feeded by Picasa

October 20, 2010

A great showcase that combines 5 of the finest DMXzone extensions

So, you have made a great website for photographer friend, but then he wants to add more and more photos and keeps calling you for maintenance! How do you let him update the website on his own? Well just let him use Picasa and make the website pull the photos directly from there!

The Story

Teodor Kuduschiev (Tedo) took the time to combine 5 of our finest DMXzone extensions and created a stunning website, that give the images a whole new level of beauty. The process of creating this amazing website can be seen in the upcoming series of videos.

Photography Website

Photography Website Demo 

Used extensions:

  • HTML5 Slideshow - The "header" uses Picasa user album images (through Feed Genie), which are displayed in a slideshow.
  • HTML5 Image Enhancer - The images thumbnails are enhanced with borders and reflection.
  • Feed Genie - In both the "header" and thumbnails Tedo used Picasa User Album Images feed.
  • DMXzone Lightbox - Each image opens in a stylish Lightbox window, when clicked on the thumbnail.
  • DMXzone Paginator ASP/PHP - The images results are separated in several pages, which can be navigated with the DMXzone Paginator.


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Very cool, a little slow....

October 20, 2010 by Sherri Donlon

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