Present Your Movies In Your Own YouTube Visual Interface!

October 21, 2010

Generate YouTube Feeded Playlists On Your Website

Are you bored with the regular YouTube layout and want to give it your own touch? Today we present a small showcase that hopefully inspires you to create your own YouTube visual interface, welcome to our own DMXzone Tube!

The Story

DMXzone Tube

The use of several Extensions gives you tons of possibilities with endless space for creativity. Organizing your YouTube uploads in your own developed user interface has never been so easy to build.

We created our own section, which automatically generates our playlist from DMXzone YouTube Channel and list them in DMXzone Tube. Each video has its own page and the navigation is as easy as it can get.

DMXzone Tube 1

  • Thanks to Feed Genie, you can easily generate your YouTube Group Playlists

DMXzone Tube 2

  • As you can see, all the movies of that group are perfectly listed and ready to be shown

DMXzone Tube 3

DMXzone Tube 4 

  • The DMXzone Lightbox provides a suitable movie interface with innovative ussage. With one click your movie is on your site, in your interface, beautiful isn´t it
As you can see this was a simple example. Let your mind loose and create stunning projects with our best Extensions.

Used Extensions

  • Feed Genie - Your YouTube movies can be linked to your own Channel feed.
  • DMXzone Lightbox - Each image opens in a stylish Lightbox window, when clicked on the thumbnail.
  • DMXzone Paginator ASP/PHP - Your YouTube movies are separated in several pages, which can be navigated with the DMXzone Paginator.

Bundle Benefit

Don't forget to check out the newly released Feed Genie & DMXzone Paginator PHP Bundle - the best way to save money!



Mentioned Extensions

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