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Dig Out the Hidden Powers Of Spry

October 22, 2010

Implement powerful easy-to-use XML-components

It is possible that you heard of Spry and we are pleased to guide you through the Spry universe. Spry is a JavaScript-based framework that enables the rapid development of Ajax-powered web pages.

The Story

Spry In a Nut Shell

The Spry framework is a JavaScript library that provides web designers with the ability to build web pages that offer richer experiences to their site visitors. With Spry, you can use HTML, CSS, and a minimal amount of JavaScript to incorporate XML data into your HTML documents, create widgets such as accordions and menu bars, and add different kinds of effects to various page elements. The Spry framework is designed so that markup is simple and easy to use for those who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A Spry data set is a JavaScript object that you can use to load and manipulate data from a specified data source. You can visualize the object as a table that holds the data in a series of rows and columns until you’re ready to display it on a web page.

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    Our Spry Showcases

    Spry Extensions

    • Spry Actions - Empower your Dreamweaver Spry Components with the Spry Actions Behaviors! This free extension allow to glue them together with other extensions.
    • Spry Data Utilities - This a set of extensions for developing web applications powered by Adobe Spry framework for AJAX.

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