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April 28, 2011

All your questions about Online Page Editor Add-on answered

The release of the Online Page Editor Add-on was a big success and we received many thankful and motivating reactions about it. We've received many emails and questions on our Live support that we have answered for your convenience.

The Story

Questions about the Online Page Editor Add-on:

From the Dreamweaver Developers, Site builders & Designers

  • Q: What is the key advantage of the Online Page Editor Add-on?
    A: The Online Page Editor Add-on allows your clients to edit their own pages directly without the need of technical expertise.
  • Q: How secure is the Online Page Editor?
    A: Your clients login securely with the username and password you made for them.

  • Q: How can my clients edit their pages? Is there any admin build in?
    A: No there is no admin. The clients will have a What You See Is What You Get experience and let them edit the desired pages directly online.
  • Q: Can I add the Page Editor to as many sites as I like?
    A: Yes as many sites as you wish, with a single copy for you as Dreamweaver user.

  • Q: Does the Paged editor require any other extensions?
    A: Yes, the Page Editor requires only the Advanced HTML Editor 3.

  • Q: What is the difference using a FTP or without a FTP?
    A: When you choose to use FTP for saving the changes, you don't have to give write permissions to the files.

  • Q: How are the edits being saved if FTP is not being used? Is this method less secure than FTP?
    A: The FTP method is preferred and more secure. If not used, then you need to give more write permissions to your files.

  • Q: Is my username, password and FTP-account well secured?
    A: Yes, it completely secure within an ASP or PHP file for your eyes only.

  • Q: Are there more add-ons available for the Editor?
    A: Yes, we have the Image Gallery Add-on as well, which allows you to organize your images in a beautiful customizable gallery.

  • Q: Which server model do I need to let it all work properly?
    A: It works on any ASP, ASP.NET or PHP server.

  • Q: Do I need a SQL database?
    A: No, the web pages will be directly edited without the use of any database. 

  • Q: Can I put other extensions like, HTML5 MP3 Player, Video player or Slideshow into the Editor as well?
    A: No not yet, we are working hard to create more add-ons that will fulfill that need.

  • Q: Where can I find more tutorials, demos and videos about the Page Editor?
    A: Online Page Editor Add-on: Videos & Manual - Advanced HTML Editor 3: Videos & Manual.

  • Q: What about extensions updates?
    Extensions updates have always been free of charge and they'll remain so (valid for minor updates 1.x). You can subscribe to our Product Update, which you'll receive by e-mail once the update is released.
  • Q: Is the support free of charge?
    Yes, both the support forums and the Live Chat will are free of charge for every extension owner.

  • Q: What is the best way of taking advantage of buying more than one product?
    A: You have the choice of Discount Bundles, our awesome DMXzone Suites or our complete Yearly Subscriptions!
  • Q: I need product A and product B, can I get a discount?
    A: We have a Discount bundles section, where you can see if there is an A+B bundle available.

From Site Owners, End-users & Clients

  • Q: Can Clients change sections of text on a webpage that has been designed in Dreamweaver but does not work via a template if we allocate the CSS Divs?
    A: You can allow the users to change the Dreamweaver Template Editable Regions and/or give a list of DIV IDs which content can be changed!

  • Q: When the Client uses the Editor is there any branding from DMXzone?
    A: No branding from us – it's all pretty neutral branded – but you can add your own branding.

  • Q: Which knowledge do my Clients need to have how to use the Editor?
    A: Only knowing the basics of Word or other word processor is required.
  • Q: Does my Client need expensive software like Dreamweaver, Contribute or Extensions to edit their pages?
    A: No, only an internet browser and internet connection are needed.
If we still have missed some of your questions, don't hesitate to contact us on the Live Support or our Online Page Editor Support Forum.


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