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Check Out the Best Features of App Connect Slideshow

Don't forget that App Connect Slideshow is fully responsive and running perfectly on any mobile device! It has customizable awesome animations, supporting dynamic data sources.

Coming with a useful built-in tools: high performance image resizer and thumbnail generator integrated. Of course, awesome animated captions, great looking navigation controls and bullets paging available.

Explore now this stunning features of our newest extension with the Luxury Villas Showcase. Feel the UX!

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Take your Images to the Next Level with App Connect Slideshow

Great new release! After publishing App Connect Medium Editor, we continue our efforts to create extensions to improve UX of your website.

Do you want to focus on the user interface of your website by mind-blowing slideshows? Get together your stunning photos or just create amazing presentations with App Connect Slideshow! This slideshow gallery has no jQuery dependence, it is written in pure JavaScript, CSS-based and uses HTML5 W3C standard elements for the highest animation quality.

Don't forget to get our newest App Connect Slideshow with discount during our limited-time offer!

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Awesome Slides with App Connect Slideshow

Do you want to improve your user interface using amazing slideshows? Get together your photos or just create mind-blowing presentation with the upcoming App Connect Slideshow extension!

Choose amazing effects and fully cutomize them by changing all the parameters. The slideshow has awesome navigation controls and bullets paging, so it fits your website perfectly.

Coming up tomorrow, stay tuned!

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DMXzone Payment Methods Change

Dear friends and partners,

It's time to announce that we have made some changes in the available payment methods on DMXzone! We have decided to stop accepting payments via PayPal, and fully embrace Stripe, because of PayPal's old technology and many hidden fees.

The best and safest way to pay online is by using Stripe! And that is the main reason to prefer it as a payment method on our website.

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Inline Content Editing? Tell Me What Should I Do!

Shhh! Content editing is something really important for the user experience of your website, regular project or just an internal page. You should follow some very simple rules and you will get great usability… and forget about grumpy text fields!

Is the inline content editing the best solution even for a big project? Definitely yes! You know, inline content editing is trendy. There are even inline-editing-alike toolbars for social media selection sharing! More inline means not just great editing experience but even more functions, better UX performance.

What should I choose? Which editor?

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DMXzone App Connect: Build Modern Single Page Apps Fully Visual, No Coding Required

Do you want to learn in details about our great next generation client side framework and base ground for a handful of additional components App Connect?

We are launching a special page where you can find more information about the easiest way to build professional and modern dynamic web sites and apps ever!


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Text Editing Revolution in User Experience

New article on our Medium blog! Learn now how to improve UX/UI on your website.

It is a popular phrase that if you have to describe the interface to your users, it is wrongly made. The contemporary Internet is mainly built on a couple of interface elements: text, images, videos, positioning. And the text editing is a great new challenge.

Times are changing with Medium Editor, a bunch of code packaged into a library that can be implemented into any web project! We can describe the regular user of that new wave of HTML visual text editor as someone who is concentrated on the creation, not on the code or other functions.

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Simple and Powerful Web Content Editor? The Solution is Here

Hooray! After some weeks of focusing on website security extensions, we are entering the world of text editing! And we are not talking about the old-fashioned What you See is What You Get (WYSIWYG), but about a brand new type of visual HTML content editor. You are welcome to explore the features of Medium Editor, the trendiest editor on the web!

Turn your website into a modern page with stylish and formatted text fields using App Connect Medium Editor — simple, easy-to-use and powerful content editor. The extension supports 26 formatting options, 7 themes to choose from. That is the trendiest solution for improving UX/UI performance in content editing, inline or a whole media region!

There are so much cases when Medium Editor can be used: from a simple text field on a regular contact form to a complex article editor. It's up to you!

And only now get the extension with a special discount!

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Catch Trends With Medium Editor

Our newest extension is coming up tomorrow! The ultra trendy content editing tool will be available to improve your UX/UI. Forget about WYSIWYG, it is a brand new way to edit every text field: from a simple text area to database connected media region, for example blog post.

Check out some of the highlights in advance!

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New Wave of Content Editing using Medium Editor

Content editing is easier than ever with Medium Editor. Check now the functionalities with our Cooking Blog showcase!

The release of App Connect Medium Editor is coming up on Wednesday!

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