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Last Week of 20% Summer Sale

Only one week left to get DMXzone extensions with (at least) 20% OFF! It's so simple! Choose your extensions, add them to the shopping cart and apply DMXSUMMER17 promo code. The discount will be calculated immediately.

As you already know, you can reduce the price even more by applying a volume discount. Get now a really special price for your purchase!

The promo code is valid and can be used unlimited times until the end of the sale, August 11th.

Check out our suggestions with great discounts and FAQs below.

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App Connect, That Mighty Front-end Framework! A Gentle Introduction

Hey, first part of our introduction to the powerful front-end framework DMXzone App Connect is online and waiting for you!

The framework is fully integrated in Adobe Dreamweaver and offering mind blowing visual development as a front-end framework. Simplified: it is generating HTML tags and connecting them with backend functions in order to execute dynamic content :)

Simple to use, but so powerful JS declarative framework, everything is bind and declared as HTML5 attributes!

App Connect matches modern frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS and Angular for its functionality but it is much easier to use due to its custom component structure and HTML5 Attributes binding. The framework is fully customizable and easy to configure.

Give any standard HTML tag or custom component attribute a dynamic value or expression! Values are dynamically assigned when data is available.

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Summer Sale 2017! Get Your 20% Discount Promo Code

Surpriseeee! We are happy to announce our greatest Summer Sale 2017 with 20% discount code, valid for all of the extensions. Even more! You can apply a volume discount and so receive up to 45% price reduction.

Just enter coupon code DMXSUMMER17 on the Shopping Cart and the discount will be calculated immediately.

You can use the promo code unlimited times until the end of the sale!

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Learn How to Create a Login System with the Updated Security Provider Manual

We are preparing some major updates of the documentation and extensions' manuals in order to show you the great possibilities of our main products in a nutshell.

Check out the newest usage videos and learn now how to create and set up a complete login system for your website, define restricted areas and assign permissions.

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App Connect Data Formatter Improved

New updates to DMXzone App Connect extensions! We have improved our Data Formatter with a couple of brand new and optimized features, available in the newest version.

Improved randomize formatter for working with Data View from the Data Traversal Add-on. All Collection filters now process and pass meta data, GroupBy collection filter now shows exactly the nested structure.

We have improved Date and Time formatting functions - better parsing and smart rounding to whole numbers, as well as new formatters for ISO date and time.

The extension now has a better construction of inline Objects and Arrays, optimized Meta data generation.

Get now the updated App Connect Data Formatter with 30% summer discount!

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Multiple Insert and Update Easier Than Ever

Hooray! We are improving our products' features every day in order to become better in assuring your web projects.

With the recently released updates of a couple of extensions - App Connect, Server Connect, Database Connector, Database Updater, Dynamic Form Generator and Forms Designer, you can multiple insert or update database records just by a few clicks!

And one more surprise: get now all of these extensions with 30% off (even more - volume discount could be applied in addition)! App Connect and Server Connect are free and always will remain.

Check out the videos and the showcase below and figure out how to multi insert and update database records.

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30% Discount on Selected Extensions

Let's celebrate summer! We are starting our great summer promotions session, so that we are diving deep with first discounts.

Get now 30% off on selected recently updated extensions:

Keep clam, drink cocktails and get new extensions with 30% discount until 25 July, Tuesdsay!

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Master Your Slideshows with 3D Animations

Wow, it’s not a surprise, 3D is trendy on the web! Getting more and more popularity. And there are a bunch of great libraries giving you the opportunity to include 3D elements in a couple of parts of your website!

Do you remember Flash? That was great for creating stunning slideshows and the only option for more attractive image galleries. But no more! Say hello to the new type of slideshows! There are several most popular 3D slider transitions, like blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold, etc. That will totally improve a simple website’s user experience!

And wait, it is really light for executing as well. That’s because of the CSS-hardware-accelerated transitions. That means that the script is accessing the device’s graphical processing unit for much better performance.

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Stunning! New App Connect Slideshow Features with 3D Transitions Add-on

Get ready, stunning 3D transitions are coming up to rock your website! With our new App Connect Slideshow add-on release you can turn your project to an awesome space with great Holywood look-alike image effects.

Check out the showcase below and, of course, a special release discount is waiting for you!

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3D Transitions are Coming Up

Turn every slideshow into a great piece with special movie effects! App Connect Slideshow 3D Transitions Add-on in coming up to improve your image presentations.

You will find the most popular and trendy 3D transitions available on the web, ready to use without coding skills. Blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold, it's all possible with our newest add-on.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!

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