Dynamic Events in DMXzone App Connect

Dynamic attributes, smart data form inputs, custom components. What more possibly can our developers add into the upcoming DMXzone App Connect? The answer today is dynamic events and we're glad to tell you that the extension will be available for everyone next week. So on top of all you can dynamically bind on any event and call a component action with many event modifiers.

Dynamic Attributes in DMXzone App Connect

There are so many great things, packed in DMXzone App Connect, that we want to show you. We were wondering today what should be next after the smart data form inputs and the custom components. So we decided to unveil the power of the dynamic attributes, which are a smart choice when it comes to tags and components. You can even have custom attributes with the new DMXzone App Connect!

Smart Data Form Inputs in DMXzone App Connect

We'll tease you a little bit longer until the upcoming DMXzone App Connect is ready for its official debut. In today's blog article, we'll take a look at the HTML forms and their input fields, which become fully data aware, thanks to DMXzone App Connect. The most amazing news is that you can use their values in expressions, react on changes and even get the status of your HTML5 validation, automatically set the right validation classes and show a message.

DMXzone App Connect's Custom Components

Yesterday, we showed you the phenomenal structure of our upcoming DMXzone App Connect and it's time to dive into the deep and explore its components, which make it so great. The best news about this upcoming release is that it's already ready for the HTML5 Custom Elements v1 web standard. If you're not familiar with Custom Elements, they allow defining new types of HTML elements and this is exactly what we did. So make sure to check out the first preview of these rich components.

First Look at DMXzone App Connect

It's time for you to take a sneak peak at our upcoming DMXzone App Connect extension. What can be better than it's absolutely amazing and easy to use structure? You get a fantastic preview of your app components, with their properties, which are automatically synced in design, live and code view. Forget about server behaviors, Dreamweaver behaviors and jQuery, DMXzone App Connect is the new way of building visually dynamic sites and apps that make sense!

DMXzone Celebrates Sweet Sixteen!


It's been 16 years since DMXzone was born back in 2001 and today we're proud and excited to celebrate this anniversary with you. Every year, February 1st is the day when we're most thankful for our community and everything that we accomplished during the past years. It's also a reminder for our responsibilities towards you,  our most precious. We can only promise that we will not disappoint you again and will give the best of us to make your work easier. 

In order to celebrate our anniversary properly, until next Wednesday you can get any DMXzone extensions and template with 30% discount. Just use promo code: DMXSWEET16 in the shopping cart upon check out. 

HTML5 Data Bindings vs. DMXzone App Connect

As much as we love HTML5 Data Bindings, which was released back in 2013, it's almost time to move on and embrace newer technologies. While our developers are putting the final touches on the upcoming DMXzone App Connect, we had the time to put it on a test or two and see how it renders dynamic tables with records, and the results are impressive. The time compares to industry standard React and VueJS. So make sure to check out the benchmarks below before we introduce you to DMXzone App Connect's features.

DMXzone App Connect is Coming Soon!

We have some great news for you today. The rightful heir to the throne of client side frameworks and official HTML5 Data Bindings successor is in its final development stage and is almost ready for release. So this week we'll reveal DMXzone App Connect's full powers, features and how you can achieve ultrafast data and elements rendering with one simple DMXzone extensions. Make sure to check us daily because we'll show you some great stuff with our upcoming DMXzone App Connect extension.

What You Missed This Week

It's the Friday and before we head for the weekend, it's time for our weekly content summary, where you can see the highlights from the past five days. This week we improved one amazing Dreamweaver template, which has been created with a number of awesome DMXzone extensions. Among them you'll find HTML5 Slideshow 2 that we also put on sale until next Wednesday!

Get Started with HTML5 Slideshow

Just like any other DMXzone gallery or slideshow, HTML5 Slideshow 2 is an extension, which is super easy to work with. Its user interface offers a number of customization options so you can adjust it to your website or app design. Create a responsive slideshow, or from a dynamic source, you can do it in minutes. All you need to do is follow our helpful video tutorials, which you'll find below.

Until next Wednesday, you can get HTML5 Slideshow 2 cheaper because it's on sale!

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