We Fine-Tuned Some DMXzone Extensions
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness over, we're back to normal and our developers even found time to fine-tune some of our most used DMXzone extensions. Today we have updated versions of our DMXzone Server Connect, DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET and HTML5 Form Validator. Make sure to check out what's new and update them via the DMXzone Extension Manager.
DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET is currently on sale and you can get it cheaper! 
Cyber Monday with Awesome Discount
If you missed or forgot to get some of our extensions or templates on Friday, you still have the chance to save a lot of money. All you need to do is join us today on our Cyber Monday Sale! By using the promo code DMXCYBER16 in the shopping cart, you can save at least 30% and even more if you combine it with our multiple purchase discount. Be quick because the offer is only valid for 24 hours.
Best Deals for Our Black Friday Sale

With over 120+ extensions and templates that we offer, choosing the ones you need could be overwhelming. So in this article we'll tell you how to get the best deal when our annual Black Friday Sale starts. Of course, we will be available on our Live support and you contact us any time if you have a question, but until it's time for the sale madness we've picked out a couple of collections, which you may be interested in and also we will give you some tips on how to save the most.

Countdown to Black Friday


Get your shopping list ready because in less than 48 hours our annual DMXzone Black Friday Sale will start and this means huuuuuge discounts! The greatest news is that the multiple purchase discount will also apply so this will be the only time this year when you can get our awesome Dreamweaver extensions and templates so cheap. The sale will be for 24 hours only so we suggest that you place the desired products in your shopping carts, don't forget to login first, and once the promo code is public, just apply it! 

More Improvements for Extension Manager On Your Way

During the last week, we prepared one major updated for our beloved DMXzone Extension Manager, which is already available. It features an amazingly fast extension installation, various options for seeding your extensions, greatly reduced CPU and memory usage, new option for auto update and many more, which you can check out below. Now, you have the most advanced Extension Manager there is!

Video Guide for Server Data Formatter

We have four amazing video tutorials to introduce you to DMXzone Server Data Formatter, which is one awesome Dreamweaver Extensions. You'll learn how to apply text data formatter and also how to filter a query by date range. In addition, two videos will show you how DMXzone Server Data Formatter works with other tools, such as DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on to encrypt passwords.

Don't forget that DMXzone Server Data Formatter is on sale and you can get it cheaper if you still don't have it.

What You Missed This Week

We might be partying hard, celebrating the 15th anniversary of DMXzone but there's always time for our weekly content summary. Below you will find what we did during the week, before we disappeared from the grid. Make sure to check out the updated extension and the awesome video tutorials that will teach you a thing or two about DMXzone Server Data Formatter. We apologize for the missing Live support, if you have an urgent matter, please post in the support forums or leave us a message.

We're Celebrating our Anniversary

It took us almost 8 months but we finally found the time to celebrate DMXzone's 15th Anniversary and this means party! The Bulgarian office is marching their way to the Netherlands for the festivities, so unfortunately our Live Support chat will not be available on Thursday and Friday. But don't worry, you can always leave us a message or post in the forums and we'll try to sneak your issue in between the beers.

We'll be back on Monday, which means that our Live Support will be live again during its usual business hours!

More Improved Extensions for Dreamweaver CC 2017

We hope you're enjoying the new Dreamweaver CC 2017 as much as we do. 5 more extensions have been updated this week so you can use them flawlessly in this release. Make sure to get the latest versions of DMXzone File System Connector, DMXzone Data Importer, DMXzone Data Exporter, DMXzone Zip Processor and DMXzone Server Data Formatter.

Also, DMXzone Server Data Formatter is on sale until next Wednesday and you can get it cheaper.

Powerful HTML5 Client and Server Side Validation

The goal of web form validation is to ensure that the user provided necessary and properly formatted information needed to successfully complete an operation. The easiest way to achieve this is by using our next generation HTML5 Form Validator. It will give your users the power to avoid mistakes while they're filling out the data. The most common method to warn them is with a message, what they did wrong or hint them what the input should be. Make sure to check out the showcases below and get it soon as the HTML5 Form Validator is on sale until Wednesday!

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